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Holy Cow

We went to a burger place just up the street last Sunday with our friends Billy and Esther and some others. The place is called Holy Cow. It is the second burger place here that I thought spectacular. Coincidentally, both … Continue reading

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  Abercrombie had its day. Now it’s all about Aerocrombie. I love all the knock off alternatives here.

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hassle free zone

  On the way to Hermosillo from the US, there are a number of signs that say “Hassle Free Zone”. Last trip, we found a side road heading somewhere unknown with a sign that said,  “End Hassle Free Zone”. I … Continue reading

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baking soda

Apparently the baking soda in the fridge is to be changed every thirty days, not every three years. Easy mistake. Strange we didn’t catch this before the move. I’m not convinced the stuff actually does anything anyway.  

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ice-cream and hand tools

While shopping the other day,  I noticed the brand of our ice cream was also the brand of a set of tools. That’s when you know it’s going to be good ice cream. It’s all about diversity.  

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Tres Parejas – First Annual 2013

July 2013 was the first annual Tres Parejas de Patio reunion. This was a reunion of the “three couples” (ie, tres parejas) of friends that used to all live in Tucson. As the Rottmans and us no longer live in … Continue reading

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jaw tremors

We had to take Scout to the vet this morning.  His jaw had been trembling and has us quite concerned. My suspicion is that he has a bad tooth. If you rub his lower left jaw, he shakes pretty bad. … Continue reading

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We did some shopping two days ago, which was the first in a while.  We eat out far too much here and are trying to change that. We went to the store Mega for the first time. It’s nice,  but … Continue reading

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Tacos with Paco y Elan

We had some spectacular tacos last night with Paco and his son Elan. The place we ate at was close to a house Yun lived at while doing her undergrad studies here in Hermosillo. I’m at the bank once again.  … Continue reading

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Money transfers

Paying bills here is done by wiring money. It’s a painful process. There is an extremely long line and I’ve never done this before by myself. Yun wrote a note for me to bring along in the event I run … Continue reading

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