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Condos Pilar

We spent the last week in San Carlos for Abraham’s wedding. It was an enjoyable week. We rented a condo on the beach with an incredible view.

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Sunset cruise

We went on a nice cruise for a few hours last night with Yun’s family. We saw a lot of black dolphins and I got some good photos. There was a beautiful sunset.

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Wedding Eve

Last night’s sunset was beautiful. We had Abe’s wedding rehearsal at 8 and then we had a carne asada at our condo afterwards.

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The beach

We spent most of our day resting and enjoying the beach. It has been quite warn, but also quite windy, which has made a nice combination.

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I crushed Yun and Noah at scrabble last night.

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Breakfast at Abe’s

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Noah has arrived

My nephew Noah arrived last Friday. We spent time in Tucson until yesterday. We visited the Desert Museum. It had been about 9 years since Yun and I had been there. There are always some interesting things to see. We … Continue reading

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42,000 pounds of rock

Gustavo and I moved 42000 pounds of rock today. I am absolutely exhausted. The landscaping looks much nicer, but I will pay the price tomorrow.

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Tila FX

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Up early

As I no longer have a regular job, weekends are generally no different than weekdays. I love getting up early on both. The dogs love getting up early as well as it often means playtime for them.

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