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Jay in Korea ’99

    I found a picture of my cousin Jay Giraud in Korea in 1999.

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Feijoada and cigars!

Winter is clearly over – it was hot today. Yun and I had lunch at the Adams’ house with Dave, Vivi, Jason, and Kelly. Vivi made an excellent Brazilian dish ‘Feijoada’. It was really good and one of those meals … Continue reading

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Winter in Afghanistan?

Finally got a photo of Liam in Afghanistan – at least that’s where I think he is, but the snow leads me to wonder…

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La Roca

Dave, Vivi, Yun and I traveled south this afternoon to have lunch at La Roca. This remains one of my favorite places to eat in Nogales. I had chili rellenos and it was really tasty. We shopped around a bit … Continue reading

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Ping Pong

Aaron invited a bunch of guys over to his house tonight to play some ping pong. He has a pretty sweet set up in his garage which has me wanting to do something similar with mine. The fluorescent lighting is … Continue reading

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Soil Sample

      I met with Ben and Luke this morning for our book group to complete our study of Noll’s ‘Scandal of the Evangelical Mind’. Despite the scandal of the author’s attributing a particular chronology of human history to a 19th … Continue reading

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Pasta machine!!

Yunuén and I read an article in Critique magazine a number of months back that planted the seed of pasta making as a fun thing to do together. We happened to be in a store recently that had one, so … Continue reading

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this is my first attempt to blog by phone. I am sitting outside in the back yard smoking a Don Kiki – not that impressive for the price. I am quite pleased today, despite having to go to work earlier … Continue reading

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Super Tuesday!

Twenty-three States vote today and thus the day has been labeled Super Tuesday. I just got back from the polls and was surprised that so many people were voting in a primary election. I’m not sure we’ll have final numbers … Continue reading

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Ron Paul – Fifty One Years

I just made my donation! From : Can the media ignore Ron Paul in a two person republican debate? Supporting the Ron Paul candidacy means more now than it ever has before. Huckabee and McCain have very little money … Continue reading

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