Pasta machine!!

YunuĆ©n and I read an article in Critique magazine a number of months back that planted the seed of pasta making as a fun thing to do together. We happened to be in a store recently that had one, so we bought it for a reasonable price (along with some great wine!). It turned into hours of fun! I cannot recommend buying one of these things highly enough. It was really fun to create something from scratch which is so common, but it is also an extraordinary yumlicious meal that is ridiculously cheap to make. If it weren’t for the time commitment (it doesn’t take long really – it’s just hard to stop), we would be eating pasta every night.

We made various sorts of fettucini (wheat and spinach), as well as spaghetti. Yun even made the sauces from scratch – both were incredibly good, but the fettucini sauce was the best I have ever tasted!

sweeetpastamakeryea.jpg ryans-sweetest-spinach-pasta-yum.jpg best-past-ever-made.jpg


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  1. VIviane Adams says:

    I told Yunuen that Dave and I will try that pretty soon. Can’t wait to use my new kitchen aid!

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