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Vampire Weekend

I was introduced to this album at Liam’s house last weekend over poker night. I liked it a lot and it was probably the inspiration needed to decimate the others and to leave with the pot. I’ve been listening to … Continue reading

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mucho trabajo hoy

It snowed in the mountains last night! We had a beautiful view early this morning. Today was very productive. I woke early to drive to the other house to meet the guy delivering the roll-off (3 ton dumpster). It was … Continue reading

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feliz cumpleanos en el parador

It was Yunuen’s birthday today. We went to Hacienda del Sol for dinner. We began with the skillet seared Mexican cheese.  Then we each had salads – I ordered the buttered leaf lettuce and Yun ordered the  local organic greens. … Continue reading

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sonoran root canal and hotdog

As the last blog entry indicates – I was at the dentista just a couple days ago. The tooth I attempted to have fixed has been in excruciating pain since then and last night I wasn’t able to sleep because … Continue reading

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gallos y mas gallos

Yun and I had the day off and so headed south into Mexico for the day. We both had some more dental work to get done which is always especially fun and then we had lunch later at Yun’s parents … Continue reading

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the hurt locker

We just watched the movie The Hurt Locker. It was an interesting movie and worth watching. I suspect this is the first time in history that we have a movie about an active war. There’s just something odd about that. … Continue reading

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Thai Reunion

Our friends Mark and Becky from Thailand are in town and we had the opportunity to have them, along with Ross, Ben, and Lis over for dinner. Ross brought some sweet NY strips that had been marinated well. Mark and … Continue reading

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fishing in san carlos

I stumbled across this old photo today and I like it a lot. It reminds me that we should be planning a Spring trip South.

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deconstruction day three

All of the interior walls are now removed. Both bathrooms are removed along with the kitchen. One of the water lines snapped today, so I had to cap that. Eventually the entire plumbing architecture will need to be replaced. I’m … Continue reading

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new years day

After sleeping in rather late this morning – we spent most of the day at the park. It was in the mid-70s for most of the day. First, at the dog park where Scout and Tila continued their studies in … Continue reading

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