new years day


After sleeping in rather late this morning – we spent most of the day at the park. It was in the mid-70s for most of the day.

First, at the dog park where Scout and Tila continued their studies in canine socialization. Scout is a pitbull mix and could readily rip apart most of the other dogs at the park should he wish (his 5 mile sprints aka blood runs, have in part prepared him for this), yet sadly he is such a wimp when he is around other dogs. He is incredibly fast though – so we enjoy showing him off by throwing tennis balls which he can get to before any of the other dogs.


Later we sat near a nice pond and Yun and her parents played SkipBo while I finished up Riggebach’s book Why American History is not What They Say. Its not the most helpful or entertaining thing I have read recently, but it did end strong and has inspired a few other books of a similar genre.

On the way home, we stopped at Fiesta Market for the necessary items to prepare carne asada for dinner (my favorite meal). It started to get a bit cold at this time.


inside-fiesta-market-on-new-years-day this-is-the-carne-we-are-about-to-buy-for-some-sweet-tacos these-are-the-cebollas-that-will-be-going-with-the-taco

Dinner was awesome. We later resumed the SkipBo and then played a few rounds of Rummikub. I read nearly half of Molloy’s The Life of Saint Athanasius while playing, which appears to be a pretty decent primer on Athanasius and the events that led to the first ecumenical council at Nicaea.

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