Chiltepin and garlic

Unsuccessful rise, but still edible.

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Sermon prep so good

My favorite place to study here in HMO.

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Taco fish

Sundays are still are free day from the diet. So today we went out for taco fish with some friends after church. So good.

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Sermon Prep Strategies

I have been trying hard to smoke with more frequency these days. I don’t often have time, but some things you must make time for. So combining tasks with the cigar bar is a sure way to get things done.

We have a wonderful cigar place not too far from the house which has a couple lounges which are never occupied. I love it so much. Great service, good air conditioning, and you can bring your own drinks. They started selling non-cubans, so now I can smoke at a much more reasonable price.

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Tucson Vacay

It seems far too long since we we were last in Tucson. We used to drive back and forth between these cities every weekend (6 years ago). Now it seems that gap has widened to a few months between visits. Life has been hectic and such with robberies and other fun. Even so, we got away last week. It was a great time of rest, spectacular food, tasty wine, and ever better cigars (for digestion).

This steak and potato tradition is nearly a decade in operation. I love it so much. And being on this miserable diet the last few months (I’ve lost a whopping 5 pounds, so you know that’s worth it), these special occasions are the more appreciated. We had fillets, which is my favorite cut (closely followed by rib eye, and when able, the porter house).

We get plenty of monsoons here in Hermosillo, but they’re so much prettier in Tucson. We got hit hard Monday night and it was glorious.

Such a fun trip and one in which I hope to repeat soon.

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Sunday worship

Yrem and Heidi have returned from Wisconsin, bringing our numbers up to 18.

Alejandra forced me take pictures of her and Gabby. I charge $10 pesos each.

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PK visit

Phil was kind enough to visit us the Sunday before last. He drove down on his vacation by himself directly to the house. Pretty impressive given this town is not the easiest to navigate in my opinion.

We had a wonderful time with him. On Saturday night we had a carne asada at Yrem’s house. Sunday morning we had a breakfast one of my favorite places in town with Orlando and Ana.

In our service Sunday afternoon we had three baptisms, all three of Daniel and Daniela’s children, as well as participation in the Lord’s Supper. We used some delicious Mexican wine for the communion. I had baked bread that morning which proved plenty for our small gathering.

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Mouth scorcher

I made my hottest bread to date last week. Previously I’ve been doing about 2 to 3 grams of chiltepin per loaf, but I took it up to six grams last week which made for a sufficiently spicy loaf.

That red stuff in there in the bowl is fire in the mouth.

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Rib eye and papas

We had dinner at my favorite place in town last night with Yun’s parents. However, moments after receiving our food the electricity went out. And was out for most of the duration of our dinner. Eating in the dark is less enjoyable it turns out

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Covenant Study

Began a new study on covenants and covenant theology on Monday. There’s a local cigar place that has a salon upstairs with air conditioning and all the amenities that provides a spectacular location for studies.

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