Vino de Argentina

Joachim, a young friend from church, recently returned from Argentina with a sweet little gift for us. He bought the bottle upon a visit to the vineyard. Argentina is on our list of future travels.

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Holy Cow

Went to watch Jumanji last night at the theater. Not my pick, but occassional funniness. After the movie we went for burgers at Holy Cow. Service is slow, but food is good.

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Beautiful sunset here tonight in Kino. Relaxing day spent mostly reading. Hot during the days, a little chilly at night.

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Kino 2018

Beginning the new year on the beach. It’s about 10 degrees cooler here than it is at home. Still, it is in the high 70s which is still pleasant.

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Bread bowls

A couple nights ago we had some people over for dinner (Sergio/Nadia, Orlando/Ana, Asael/Lupita). I had made some bread the day before that we uswd to hollow out and fill with soup. The inspiration behind this idea was an old Panera Bread memory of the same from my days in Kansas. That bread was much better than mine. Even so, it worked out pretty well.

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San Pedro Orphanage

Yesterday we traveled to San Pedro to celebrate Christmas at an orphanage. We have been there one time before and so it was a bit more enjoyable this time since we already knew the kids.

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Xmas 2017

Sergio and Nadia hosted this year’s Christmas party. The theme was to dress up as someone from another country. It seems most decided to dress from the Middle East. 

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Yun was not able to make it to Asael and Lupita’s wedding rehearsal last night, so I went in her place. I did an amazing job.

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Sitting at our gate in GDL. Looking forward to the return and seeing our dogs. SLP was fun but I wouldn’t want to live there. It’s a nice colonial town but after a while that gets old. The food was a major disappointment. It’s so bland. They eat a lot of bread. I generally don’t like bread.

Here are some fotos from the trip:

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Touring SLP

We spent the day touring around the old town. Yun’s uncle lives here and so he spent the day with us. 

We paid 50 pesos for a 40-minute tour bus that took us around to various sites. This is a really pretty city. Much bigger than Hermosillo. Much cleaner. Much more green. Basically better in many way.  However, thus far the food has been a major disappointment. The regional cuisine is nothing spectacular and mostly bland. They don’t eat spicy food here. Shameful. 

I tried the carne asada tacos today just to see how they would compare. They were mostly horrible. The meat wasn’t all that bad, but the taste was bland. I would never order something like this again from this state.

We visited a prison that has been converted into an art school. Not much to see, but it was interesting for about 5 minutes. 

Right now we are at a mall. Yun is at Zara. Her most favorite store on the planet. So fun.

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