camper stat

Mostly done. Orlando came up to work this weekend. Since I got the truck this last week, I wanted to try and get the camper done as quickly as possible.

There’s always something more but we really did make progress this weekend.

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Tacoma Club

Matt stopped by the office moments ago with a text message:

Saddly the truck they inherited a few months back is not redeemable, but not saddly, they upgraded to a 3rd Generation Tacoma.

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piñata cake

Our friend Stacey made Yun a piñata cake and her husband made tacos del pastor. Both were spectacular.

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45 today. We had a nice dinner at Sulivans. Tim and Kim happened to be there at the same time, so we got a drink together after dinner. The treated us to some spectacular tequila.

We are taking my boss and his wife to Guadalajara in a couple weeks to celebrate both Yun and his birthdays. That trip will include a visit to the small town of Tequila. We have been there before and loved touring the Cuervo distillery.

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round 2

This has been a rough week.

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chicken coop

We started to remove the chicken coop today. That was quite a task, but will be nice to get it out of here. Yun’s dad wants it for his chickens.

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Elgin Christmas

We spent last weekend at a cabin we rented in Elgin. It was a really nice break from the work madness. I slept a lot – 4 hour naps daily. It was all so very refreshing.

This was our first trip we these new dogs. We had so much space to ourselves these guys could run endlessly without leashes. They seemed maximally happy.

Elgin is an hour and change SE from Tucson, so it makes for a fun trip with little travel. I’d go back for sure.

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8 new tanks

I put together eight new hydroponic tank’s this morning with multiple aeration stones wach. I have one pump that runs all 8.

It is starting to appear that aeration does a lot better than Kratky and also requires less filling of the individual jars. At this point I’m inclined to give away the jars as it’s too much up keep on a larger scale. The root development is also quite different, so the transition into the aerated tanks could be a problem.

32 plants switched over. The tanks aren’t very deep, which seems ideal in principle, but that may be a challenge down the road if roots get out of control.

My largest tank is doing the best.

And my first (and much smaller tank) is doing the worse. Though I wonder if it is due to the weak a bubbles. I may add more stones today and see what happens.

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hot air balloon and pyramids

We were up early this morning, but it turned out to be worth. We had such a nice experience on the hot air balloon today…we had to wait a bit for the mist to go away and then launched with about 50 other balloons.

They have no control other than up and down, so 50 balloons just float over a small town and then land wherever they can.

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Mexico City

We arrived to Mexico City the day before yesterday for a few days of vacation. Yun lived here in her early years – it’s my first visit. The city is enormous with nearly 20 million people. Traffic is absolute madness.

Also not cheap, at least in the part of town we ended up. Dinner our first night was spectacular.

There is an abundance of food options. Fortunately, wr have to walk a lot, so there’s balance. We walked nearly 10 miles yesterday according to my tracker.

The natural history museum was impressive. Yun loves this stuff. Im generally bored within minutes. Even so, it was all very impressive.

We went to the castle in town after the museum. We had walked about 7 miles at that point, so I found it all exhausting.

We got up this mornimg at 3.30am to take a journey to some pyrmids. We booked an air balloon flight which required the early departure.

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