My 47th bday was just over a week ago. That seems really old. I feel old. I’ve never been a big fan of bdays, but I did get a favorite meal out of it – steak and potatoes with Matt and Dana. Dana also stenciled me my favorite load (chiltepin and cheese). So good!

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air fryer

I don’t know what an air-fryer is really. We have friends that have them and love them. Yun has wanted one and found a brand new one on Craigslist for $25. They go for about $100, so it was worth trying. She made fried zucchini (battered with almond flour, so low carbs) and they turned out pretty good.

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hallway is mostly done

The hallway to the bedrooms was awful. There were multiple door bells, multiple fire alarms, some mystery box, a sconce light, and an old dated thermostat. I had the walls and ceiling re-textured and painted. The baseboard was finished. And a new smart thermostat added which is a really nice update. We changed the sconce light (a terrible idea for a narrow hallway) for 3 recessed LED lights.

Next month I hope to replace the trim around each of the doors (there are 6 off the hallway) along with updating each of the doors, along with the hinges and hardware.

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fireplace updating

We had a pretty ugly slate tiled fireplace in the main living room which we really wanted to update. Yun did a spectacular job painting the brick white on the lower portion and this last week our worker removed the bottom slate and tiled it with some tile we thought would make a good match for the house. It’s not yet done, but when our worker returns in a month we have it at the top of the list.

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pool ready

I have spent what seems like endless hours to keep the pool clean – even though I have only used it a few times because the water is still too cold (even though it’s int he 100s outside). It’s getting warmer though and I am hoping to take advantage of this weekend.

To prepare for that, I found a sweet speedo. It looks so good. Next up will be the leopard print. It would go with the 70s theme of the house.

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sunset last night

Sunsets are always so nice in the backyard because it faces west. That giant saguaro there also adds to the view.

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very unwelcome guests

Yun woke this morning and put on her sandals. She felt something, shook it out, then put her sandals on. By no small miracle, she stepped on it (though never realizing it at the time) and killed it. This is the 2nd scorpion in our room. If she hadn’t inadvertently stepped on it, we would have never known. Which leads me to believe we probably have a lot more in the house. I need to fumigate the house this weekend.


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new ceiling fan

Since we re-textured all walls and ceilings in the living and dining area, it made sense to take the opportunity to run a new fixture into the living room. Our 70s home has very few fixtures in the ceiling – so I suspect that wasn’t part of the original design. I didn’t have to wire the switch (which would have been a job) because it has a remote and can also be controlled by our phones.

We have the plan to move the fan from our master into the guest room and then install a new fan in our master later today. I have big plans for the day, but everything always takes longer than what is planned.

This is the hot water closet next to the front door (in the hallway). It has a junction box for what looks like a voltage reducer for the low voltage landscape lights out front and a timer on top of that. Since our switches are all connected to WiFi, there’s no need to use that anymore. I can program the lights from the switch.

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the park

We took the dogs to the park yesterday. Scout is mostly deaf and going blind, but still seems to enjoy life. We try not to take him off his leash because he has a hard time finding us even when we are short distance away.

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16 years!

We celebrated 16 years today. Those have been the best years. We went out to Sullivans for some great steaks.

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