42nd Sunday

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Baking tired

I’m tired and I can’t remember if I inverted the weight of flour for water or vice versa. But my mind was elsewhere and I am sure I’ve messed this up. So we will see what happens tomorrow.

One is a chile de arbol (15g) and the other chiltepin (10g).

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Holy Cow

After our 39th service on Sunday, we went out to lunch with Sergio to Holy Cow. It is the only place in town to get a great burger.

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Scout at vet

We had to take Scout to the vet this last week because he began to limping due to an abscess on his foot. He had to get it cut and drain. While we were there, we had X-rays done on his hips to determine if he had hip dysplasia, but as it turns out he does not. His hips are actually in good shape which is unusual for his breed and given that he’s over 13 years old and lived an active life.

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Orlando y Ana at Viziettos

We have not been to Viziettos in a while. Last night we visited with Orlando and Anna for dinner. As it turns out, the restaurant is under new management and is nothing like it used to be. The food was okay, but the prices had gone up. The service and presentation was abysmal.

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Charles preached on Sunday from Isaiah 62 with Orlando’s translation. Charles is from Georgia, which makes his accent particularly difficult for translation. Even so, Orlando did a spectacular job.

After his sermon the ordination took place, which inluded our vows. Once the ordination was finished, we were able to administer the sacrament for the first time ourselves.

This was a wonderful weekend, exhausting, but glorious.

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Ordination Exam

On Saturday, Pastor Phil and Pastor Charles arrived to Hermosillo to administer our ordination exam. Three hours later we finished and learned we had passed. Awesome!

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It has been an exhausting day, but worth it. We have walked what feels like a few hundred miles (on 3.5 hours sleep). Vienna was absolutely amazing. The buildings, the architecture, the museums, were all so opulent.

The food however was mostly awful. I think we spent a couple hundred euro on what was probably the worst food we’ve had in a long time. Viennese prices for food are absolutely ridiculous. A small glass of water and a restaurant runs about 3 euro. A beer runs 5 euro. Everything was overpriced and totally disappointing.

Even so, it was a great trip and we’re glad we did it. Now to bed as we’re off to London tomorrow.

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After a refreshing 3.5 hours of sleep, we boarded a train this morning (5.52am) to head towards Vienna.

This is our current location.

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Mozart is a big deal here in Salzburg. We visited the home where he was born yesterday. My wife found it thoroughly interesting, I found it about 5 minutes interesting.

Tonight we went out for sushi for dinner which was a wonderful change. Wiener schnitzel is fun one or two times maximum. I had boiled beef and potatoes for lunch it was actually pretty spectacular.

We went to the opera this evening. It was fun but made me very tired.

It’s midnight and we have to get up 5 hours from now as we were going to take a train to Vienna early tomorrow morning. I hope to be able to sleep on the train.

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