back to HMO

We returned to Hermosillo yesterday. That 7am departure from GDL was brutal. Orlando picked us up from airport and we went out for some early morning fish tacos.

Later in the day, we went out to our favorite fly infested seafood place to have lunch with friends. It was nice to see them again.

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check up

Yun had a checkup this weekend with all 3 doctors for her surgery. She is recovering well.

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gaining it back in GDL

Yun and I flew down to GDL from HMO last Thursday. Since then I’ve been of my diet and on my way to gaining it all back.

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goal achieved!

I hit my goal yesterday – down 30 pounds! Just in time for our trip south.

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Down 6 more over the last 2 weeks

The losses don’t come as fast as they did initially, but they continue consistently nonetheless. I am down 23 pounds as of today, 6 of which occurred in the last two weeks. I am about 5 pounds off my goal of 185.

The YMCA up the street from me opened a couple days ago, so my hope is to get a membership there and increase my carb load proportionate to the amount of exercise I do daily. That will take me out of ketosis, but the exercise should prevent the carbs from turning back to fat.

If I could plan my day well, I am hopeful to begin riding my bike to work which would entail a 10 mile ride round trip. That should be good to begin adding some potatoes and other desperately-missed foods back on the diet.

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Great jam session on Saturday held at Matt and Dana’s. This was my first hootenanny. Sadly, Yun was in Mexico with her parents, so she couldn’t attend.

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new credenza

I found this credenza on Craiglist a month ago for $50 from a guy that bids on storage lockers. It was in terrible shape, but since most credenzas that I like are over $500, it was a cheap alternative.

I spent hours sanding it (nearly a month). It was scratched up all over. I initially thought I might be able to stain it, but there is a veneer on top that I sanded too far, so that ruled out that.

In the end, I had the plan to paint it black to match my office furniture. But as it turns out, black indigo is not actually black, but indigo (I bought the chalk paint from Amazon).

In the end it turned out fine, but it doesn’t match, so I will have to figure out what to do about that.

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keto 30 days+

The last month has been really difficult. I have begun to plateau the last couple weeks, but I’m still losing weight. The gym by my house opens in November and the temperature is beginning to do under 100, so I well be able to bike regularly soon.

Today I hit 196.4 which is my lowest since returning to the US. My goal remains 185 and my hope is with regular exercise I can eat a more balanced diet.

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Phil’s bday

Phil celebrated his (58?) bday last Monday. We celebrated with some great steaks and some keto-friendly bourbon.

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bike season

It’s been a hot year. Now that it’s finally dropping down to 90s and 80s, I want to start riding again. My office is only 5 miles away, so that will be a nice ride each day.

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