Madrid 2023

Madrid is an impressive city. The architecture everywhere is beautiful. There are so many things to see, to do, and to eat. The food from Spain is getting pretty boring, so we mixed it up a bit.

We got to Madrid airport 2 hours early but waited at wrong gate…I could have sworn it said S37…turns out it was S7, so again full sprint through the airport to board last and now drenched in sweat.

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Toledo is an impressive city. The medieval architecture here is incredible. We have spent the last 2 days touring around the city. So much to see. We went to the El Greco museum this afternoon and loved it.

We went to another Michellin star restaurant in Toledo. It was good and we enjoyed it quite a lot, but the idea seemed much bigger in our heads. The food was great, but nothing amazing.

I had the rib eye with carrot.

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the rest of Cuenca

We left Cuenca early this morning but had a full day yesterday that we quite enjoyed.

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Toledo jewelry

We arrived to Toledo this morning. Too early for check in, so toured around town. This is a much bigger city than Cuenca and Yun tells me it is the former capital. There are a lot of jewelers here. We found a place that had things Yun liked that were hand crafted, so we took a photo with the guy who made the piece. He showed us the process and tools.

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I found a random place to visit called Cuenca, so that’s where we are. It’s an hour east of Madrid by fast train. It’s a nice little town.

We stayed at Posada de Cuenta, the former convent in the background above. It is a beautiful place with great rooms and spectacular food.

The city is known for these hanging buildings…casas colgadas. It’s low season which means colder, but we have everything mostly to ourselves.

Saturday was warm, Sunday dipped in temperatures and started raining.

Some impressive architecture here and 4 Michelin star restaurants in town. We have reservations at one tonight and another Michelin star restaurant tomorrow in Toledo.

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to Madrid

Our flight from Tucson was delayed over an hour, which was our layover in Dallas. AA staff were so kind, they moved us to the front of the plane and with a full sprint in Dallas, we made it to Terminal D and our gate, just as they were closing. Last ones on and we are in the very back. Good times.

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Had some friends over for New Year’s Eve last night. We did 500g rib eyes which, though magnifico, is far too much and we need to stop that tradition. The cigars and bacanora helped settle things. I didn’t think I would make it to midnight, but ended up going all the way to 2am. Hard to believe we are now in 2023.

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xmas 2023

We came down to HMO for xmas this year. Much wamrer than at home which is a nice change. I made 10 pounds of potatoes for dinner last night (mashed) and 10 more pounds for breakfast (Polish potato pancakes). Not exactly Keto friendly.

We went out to meet with Sergio this evening for a beer. We ended up ordering nearly everything on the menu!

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work party xmas 2022

Work xmas party is always so much fun. Yun decided to join us this year.

Some of my gifts included a lucha libre mask and a nice bottle of bourbon. They know me pretty well.

We had a nice steak dinner catered by Firebirds and a murder mystery event.

We bought Chad a $500 ice machine to replace the same brand (older model) ice machine he currently has. What a goofy present, but it’s what he wanted.

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new car

Yun got her new car this last weekend. It’s a nice compliment to my black Mazda 6. Now we have a pretty brand loyal household.

We hope to be able to sell the CX5 for about $5000 more than we paid for it 5 years ago. Car prices are ridiculous.

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