David invited me to their families country house (not sure what else to call it) yesterday for some carne asada and to meet their Canadian friends that live here in town. The food was great but the plague of flies and heat was a bit much.

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Better days

We have seen better days and we miss them. Last Friday, Yun and I were at the store when she complained of some abdominal pain. She rested a while in the office and after an hour or so decided to drive home. By the time she made it home, she was much worse, so much so that she needed to be rushed to the hospital. I met her there.

We spent all night in the ER while she underwent an array of various tests. Nothing found was conclusive. Her pain increased. We checked into the hospital that night and remained Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and we continue therr today (Tuesday). She had a surgery yesterday that took somewhere between 2-3 hours, but I wasn’t able to see her for a total of 5 hours.

In addition to a number of cysts, of which some have broken and their inner fluid spread throughout her body, she also has endometrial tissue connecting some of her organs that should not be connected. It was rather complicated we were told to detangle it all.

She has been in immense pain. Hopefully that is now past. And hopefully tomorrow we can return to our own bed.

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New class

Last night Sergio and I started a new class from Reformed Theological Seminary. The class is “Ecclesiology and Scraments” and thus far has been mostly great. We finished the first three classes last night. There were moments that were profound, but a few others that were rather tangential. We have to be finished in 2 months.

Sergio was kind enough to bring a Belgian sour last night that has been aging for a few years. It was quite spectacular.

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Kino with Swiss friends

Blessed Tuesday we had friends arrive from Switzerland. So this week we are spending with them in Kino. The weather has been glorious and the sunsets beautiful.

They have three children which are extremely well-behaved. This is a nice contrast to what we are used to. They are obsessed with our dogs and play with them constantly. I’m sure the dogs will need at least a month or two to recuperate.

I forgot our bottle opener for the wine, so I found a screw in a wall socket and using that with Scouts leash we were able to assemble our own homemade bottle opener that works just fine.

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A week ago

This photo was taken about a week ago, but it seems it was taken many months ago.

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Emma bday

We celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday last night at Gabby’s house with some spectacular carne asada. Alejandra suprised with news of her pregnancy with Gabby. Martha is due with twins in 3 months.

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Good timres

This last week has been unusually difficult. So difficult that are friends from Tucson came to visit us to comfort us in our misery. Tonight Matt and I consumed a kilo of steaks together and it was so glorious.

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Random beach day

On Tuesday I woke to Yun asking if I wanted to spend the day at the beach. I love that we live an hour from the beach. So after loading up the car oh, we made our way to Kino. And as custom, we stopped for lunch at a seafood restaurant we frequent when we go to Kino.

Across from the restaurant we noticed a guy in a truck renting beach canopies. And although we did bring our beat up an old umbrella, it seemed the attractive alternative for $6.50 since he was willing to place it wherever we wanted it. So we chose a nice isolated place near the house we usually rent.

It was really nice to get out of town for the day, especially given how busy it’s been this last month. We had the beach in tirely to ourselves. The water was pleasant, in the mid-80s, not too hot, but still cool enough to be refreshing.

Scout doesn’t have many beach days left in his life. So it was great to see him have fun in the water. He still has a lot of energy, but he does seem to struggle a lot more than he used to, especially in the ocean.

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Pasta and friends

We had some friends over for dinner last night. Sergio was my partner at Sequence and we lost every game. 🙁

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Bday dinner so good.

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