200km north of Kino – Desert Journey 2016


My phone has nearly 15gb in photos, so I as I was cleaning them off today, I came across some old photos. This was from a trip I took with my friend Marco from church. We took his Razor along with this group into the remote Sonoran Desert, 200km north of Kino to a small pueblo called Puerto Libertad.


We came across a beach a hundred miles away from anything resembling civilization where we found dozens of shark heads on the beach, mostly hammer head sharks. Apparently there’s an indigenous tribe in the area that fishes the area and does something with them.


This was a fun trip for sure and something I could get into if I had an extra $30k for a Polaris or Razor. But since I don’t, I’ll just have to wait for invitations to join others.

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2017 Camp

Yun and I recently put together a camp for about 20 people from our church to getaway for three days and two nights. This happened over the course of Semana Santa. We really enjoyed our time with the people that attended and I think I got more exercise in those three days than I have the last year.

We had some studies multiple times every day on the subject of Jesus’ last week.  I believe they went well and prompted some deep contemplation. 

I imagine this is something we’ll do on a yearly basis.

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Narco Land

Yunuen went to an event tonight with Anabel Hernandez at La Ruina. Anabel is an author of a number of interesting books.

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Scouts 10 year anniversary birthday steak

Today we are celebrating Scouts 10 years of life. We don’t know with certainty that he’s exactly 10 years old today, but we’re basing that upon the information we were given 8 years ago.

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Searching for vacay destination

Today we traveled approximately 3 hours east from Hermosillo in search for a ranch we are considering to rent in April with some people from church. It was quite the journey. We took the Jeep as four wheel drive was necessary to access the supremely remote location. However, the place was really beautiful and we are really looking forward to stay in there a few days.

They have a couple horses there and a pig, none of which can be ridden.

They have two cabins that can accommodate approximately 20 people. There’s also a common area with a kitchen and a dining area.

We took Joaquin and Charlene with us. 

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Irem’s bday

A friend from church turned 30 today. The food trucks are a great place to celebrate.

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Bike upgrade

I bought this bike over 20 years ago. It’s moved with me many times. I don’t use it often as my gut can testify. But it remains a pretty decent bike despite the neglect and lack of maintenance. Yun got a bike for her birthday last month and as such I wanted to get my bike operational again. We spent hours the other day looking for a shop for a tune-up. Unfortunately, they’re so backed up and I didn’t want to wait a long time to get it done. Fortunately labor rates are so ridiculously cheap here the cost itself is nothing so it’s something I hope to do in the future. Even so, I bought a new seat and some new grips which I’m installing today. The seat I pulled off was the original from decades ago, yet remained in pretty good condition.

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One week ago.

This is a picture from last Friday. 

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Bread and friends

We had our friends Sergio and Nadia over for dinner last night.Yun made a spectacular squash soup. Normally I don’t like squash, in any form. But the soup she made was truly spectacular. And the perfect compliment for that soup was the loaf of bread seen in the photo above.

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Winter tanning

It’s rather quite hot today. Much hotter outside than it is in the house. For this reason I’m sitting outside reading and preparing for a study this evening. If I’m outside, the dogs want to be outside. This is a rare occurrence for Tila. 

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