1st night madness

We moved everything a week earlier than planned. Total chaos. I could not figure out how to get the hot water heater on last night but was successful this morning. Turns out there were mineral deposits on the pilot light that was preventing it from getting started.

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leveling floors

The kitchen floors were such a mess I needed to level them. Of course I’ve never done that before and watching YouTube tutorials didn’t give me enough confidence to do it myself. Turns out, I could have done myself, but instead I employed someone to come out and do it for me.

And the other victory yesterday was the removal of the rest of the soffit and the arch in the pantry.

Now I just need to figure out where those wires are going to go.

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new neighbors

Matt and Dana found a really nice house for sale not far from our new home. Last Sunday they completed their move.

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packing unpacking

Yun packed up most of the kitchen items yesterday, leaving what we needed to get by for 2 weeks. Then we left to take boxes to new house. When we came home, Scout had opened a box, unwrapped the mugs, and pulled a few out to deposit around the house. We’re not sure how to interpret this.

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backyard disaster

The backyard is a disaster. I love having a large piece of property, but dealing with the debris is a bit overwhelming at times. I had someone come out last week to give me a to remove the rocks, bricks, tiles, and trash. I also wanted him to remove the coi pound that is above ground level so that I can put something on top of it.

The quote was $4800. 🤢

We are thinking about it.

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70s style soffit coming out. I dislike them greatly. What a challenge to get out. I am removing a/c ducts and finding wiring issues. We had to stop midway through.

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Yrem and Heidi up looking for homes. We had a chance to meet for breakfast at the Hungry Fox.

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Yesterday Matt and I destroyed the kitchen soffit. It was a hideous remnant from the 70s that needed to go. I need a demolition saw to cut out that framing and then I can remove the duct work. We don’t need that many vents in the kitchen, so we will reduce it to one next to the fridge (and above where the new pantry door will go).

I removed the shelving from the laundry room on the right hand side. I think we will rearrange the room so the washer and dryer will be side by side facing the brick wall. That should open things up quite a bit.

The dogs join us most nights. They seem to enjoy exploring the new place.

The entertainment room will soon become the staging ground for our move. We will probably dump most of our stuff in there until we figure out how we intend to furnish the house. Currently it has bamboo floors. Not sure what we will do about that. Also, I very much dislike that kiva fireplace.

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last get together Elm

Sunday before last we had Michael over along with Matt and Dana before church for some pozole. Given how small our home is here, we don’t often have people over. I suspect this will have been the last time here.

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guest bathroom vanity

We had the most challenging time getting the vanity out of the guest bathroom. Someone from the past took it upon themselves to glue it to the wall. Strange technique. The counter top is nice, as is the sink, but I am not sure I am going to be able to sell it for much on craigslist. It would be nice if we could. As it turns out, new vanities are not cheap.

Getting the toilet out was not difficult, butdoing the cuts around the sewer line is going to be a pain. I still need to finish that.

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