Beach walk

Our time and Kino has come to an end. The weather was glorious every day. Yesterday we went for a walk on the beach, that we had entirely to ourselves. This is most assuredly one of the best times of the year to visit.

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First night Kino

We arrived in Kino yesterday afternoon. We are staying at the home we normally stay at which is right on the beach. This is a glorious time of year to be here because we have the entirety of the beach to ourselves and the weather is spectacular.

Last night was all about tradition with our 600 gram ribeyes. They were amazing.

Beautiful sunset.

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Sunday worship

It was awesome to have Matt and Dana join us at church Sunday morning. Matt was also kind enough to bring his guitar and play along with Daniel.

They also donated a bookshelf and some spectacular books to the church. They are good gringos.

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December visit

Matt and Dana arrived on Saturday afternoon. We spent the day making bread with my new oven. We made six loaves: two chiltepin and cheese, two garlic, and two chocolate and coco (Yun’s choice). So much fun to make bread. And although they turned out a little ugly, the taste was spectacular.

The lesson learned was that I should lower the oven temperature as the bread is blowing out, possibly due to the higher temperature that I’m baking at.

For dinner we went to Holy Cow for burgers. So good.

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Xmas tree

I’ve never been a fan of putting up the Christmas tree. Normally my role is to pull out all of the boxes from storage and bring them to the living room. Yun then spends hours putting it all together. This year she hired someone to put it all together. I was thinking it might take maybe 30 minutes to an hour. It took over 4 hours for it to be finished. I think she did a pretty good job. Although, you can no longer see the Christmas tree, just the decorations. We have so many decorations. I don’t think she even used a third of what we have and it covered the entire tree. I am hoping that we can hire her again to put it all away, as I have no desire to participate in that process.

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We are nearing the end of our 8 month study on the Westminster Confession. This was the first time we used the upstairs smoking lounge at the church (ie, the terrace). The weather dipped a bit tonight which required long sleeves.

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Choir practice!

We had our first ever choir practice yesterday. Daniel is a great instructor and it seems we might even be able to sing well. We are preparing for December so we can sing some xmas hymns.

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Asael and Lupita came over on Friday for dinner and some Sequence action. Needless to say, I am always victorious.

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Free day!

Sundays are our free day from dietary restrictions. My first choice is always steak and potatoes. So good.

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Yun and I visited a bar downtown last night that offered an impressive array of local and national artisan beers. I even found a nice sour.

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