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Yun’s B-day 09

Yunuen’s birthday was last week and last weekend we had a party to celebrate her 30th at our house. We have a very small home, but somehow we managed to pack in 60+ friends, an 8 man mariachi, and 2 … Continue reading

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San Carlos: Primero Tiempo 2009

We left Tucson for San Carlos two weeks ago after my mom and nephew Riley flew in to town. We arrived at Nogales around 7pm and switched vehicles to my Rodeo as we had the dogs with us and as … Continue reading

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Gary North’s glasses

I’m a big fan of Gary North. Initially, it was his theonomic writings. Later, it was his economic commentaries (a few of which I have put to audio). Gary North is also of the Austrian school and a regular contributer … Continue reading

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There’s No Pain-Free Cure for Recession

Peter Schiff wrote a lucid article on the problems of government economic intervention, particularly in times of a recession, in the Wall Street Journal that Ben pointed me to recently. I’m a big fan of Schiff; he’s an Austrian economist … Continue reading

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New Year’s Sledding

Yunuen and I spent last night at Bret and Val’s cabin up Mt. Lemon with Ben and Lis and some others. This morning we woke to a nice breakfast before heading out for some sledding. Tucson has been in the … Continue reading

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