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I’m a big fan of Gary North. Initially, it was his theonomic writings. Later, it was his economic commentaries (a few of which I have put to audio). Gary North is also of the Austrian school and a regular contributer to the Von Mises institute (

Ben and Jeff both subscribe to his site: and claim they have saved abundantly more than the $14.95/month subscription fee. The site also offers a number of free articles and a ‘tip of the week‘ (which are quite random). As I occasionally frequent the site, I found the ‘tip’ below which I decided to try:

Cheap Glasses

Gary North
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Aug 30, 2008

I have worn glasses since the age of 8.

These days, I need trifocals: distance, computer screen, book. Each has a different correction.

I have a pair of glasses for my computer screen. I have another for books in my lap.

At $100 a pair or more, people do not buy extras.

These days, you don’t need to pay $100 for a pair of backup glasses. You can buy them as cheaply as $8.

The Web is price competitive. Here is an example. back-up glasses, you don’t need the name of some famous person on them. You don’t need style. You just need to see . . . and find where you left them last.


I accidentally crushed my only pair of glasses months ago. Then I destroyed them further with super glue when I made an attempt to ‘repair’ them. As such, when I remove my contacts at night I struggle a tad with my vision.

So I placed my order for a sweet pair of $8 glasses! When they come (if they come), I will supply an update to confirm if they were actually worth the purchase. Gary’s reputation is on the line here.


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