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Spanish Lessons: April 29, 2014

Spanish has so many exceptions to its rules it’s ridiculous. Today I am learning imperative construction. And like the endless list of irregular verbs (some of which follow some form of pattern), there is also a long list of irregular … Continue reading

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A whole lot of red meat…

We went out for dinner tonight for Beto’s dinner to Steaks del Herradero. This used to be my favorite place in town and we’d eat there pretty much every week. But we haven’t been there much lately as we’ve found … Continue reading

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Matt and Dana leave town with help

Getting to our away from our house can be a little confusing. So we drove Matt part way out of town so they wouldn’t get lost. This is my first video with my new camera. So much fun.

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Yun and I continue to give Matt and Dana free Spades lessons. We had an opportunity to play last weekend on their visit. Since we hear so much about the Kruis’ rules and how difficult they were (despite being a … Continue reading

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Book: The Structure of Biblical Authority

“The Decalogue is not offered fallen man as a genuine soteric option but is presented to him as a guide to citizenship within the Covenant by the Savior Lord, who of his mercy delivers out of the house of bondage … Continue reading

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Steak tradition continues…

Matt and Dana came down last weekend to visit from Tucson, which provided opportunity to honor our tradition of steak and potato dinners! This has to be my favorite meal (I know I say that about many things). My responsibility … Continue reading

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John 11 Study

April 28th, 2014 I was listening to RC Sproul’s sermon series on John 11 and he states the following: “The significance of this is rooted in some beliefs that were common in antiquity among the rabbis. Among the rabbinic teachings … Continue reading

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John 11

Monday, April 28th, 2014 1pm “So, when he heard that Lazarus was ill, he stayed two days longer in the place where he was.” 11.6 So Jesus receives news from a messenger that his friend, the one whom he loves, … Continue reading

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Spanish Studies

I have now entered my second week of Spanish studies. The break from the weekend was quite nice though. Today we switched it up. Rather than continue with incliticos and encliticos, my maestra gave me a reading exercise (below) to … Continue reading

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Spanish Studies

Here is my homework for today: Hello Ryan, here are some exercises from everything we saw today, it looks like it’s too much, ┬áit isn’t, there are some notes, formulas, and examples in each structure. Tomorrow we’ll talk a little … Continue reading

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