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I am currently over Northern California on my way to Portland. My feet are frozen.

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home reno: guest bathroom underway

/sitting at  the Tucson airport on my way to Portland I haven’t posted much on the house lately. That’s not to say Tavo hasn’t been working on it 6 days a week for many months. Most of the work is … Continue reading

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car wash and rummage sale…

We have a group of nearly 20 people at church going on a trip to Honduras in July. The cost will run just over $20k. So we’ve been having a number of fund raising events. Today we did a car … Continue reading

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farewell Dr. Richards…

Sad night. My good friend Ben is leaving for Albuquerque tomorrow morning for a new job as a staff scientist for commercial company. Ben was my first friend here in Tucson and therefore my oldest friend, so it is quite … Continue reading

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Yun and I spent the weekend in Mexico. Saturday night, we went to a restaurant called Toscanos which is near Dr. Vargas’ clinic. Toscanos is an Italian place and this was my first Mexican Italian experience. It was a good … Continue reading

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Hevelius…najlepszy piwo.

Made my first trip to Total Wine tonight. Incredible. Like BevMo, but better. They have a much more impressive Spanish wine selection. I have been working my way through the various regions and the various grapes (mostly tempranillos and garnachas). … Continue reading

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shark tank…

ABC has a new show out there called Shark Tank. Hulu has four episodes archived here. Interesting premise. Entrepreneurs present business plans to venture capitalists who potentially bid on the opportunity to invest in those plans. Good show.

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couple of good releases

We saw two movies over the weekend. Both were great. Limitless. Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper (Hangover fame). Awesome movie, mostly due to the premise of the film. A pill that makes you smart. Side effect happens to be … Continue reading

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poker night

Friday night was the first of many poker nights at the house. Fourteen guys played. It was awesome. It would have been more awesome had I taken the pot. I had taken an early lead and was chip leader for … Continue reading

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ok, not allergies. something nonetheless.

So the dogs apparently don’t have a case of bad allergies. Good guess on our end. Thank you internet for leading me to believe I could self diagnose my dogs ailments and then prescribe the wrong medicine. Yun took the … Continue reading

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