couple of good releases

We saw two movies over the weekend. Both were great.


Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper (Hangover fame). Awesome movie, mostly due to the premise of the film. A pill that makes you smart. Side effect happens to be death. So the fun is short lived.

* Recommended

The Adjustment Bureau.

This is the story of a politician who meets a ballerina hiding in the men’s bathroom. The politician is played by Matt Damon, the ballerina by Emily Blunt. The premise of the story reminds me of an old Twilight Zone episode where life, as a series of events, is orchestrated by individuals who are responsible for these series of events. Nothing is left to chance.

The underlining theme seems to have something to do over the determinist debate. Matt Damon refuses to do as the adjustment bureau dictates. I suppose this might be intended as a case for freewill (whatever that means). If that was the intent, the movie failed miserably. However, the plot was enjoyable enough to watch and as such:

* Recommended

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