Monthly Archives: March 2006

tomatos and peppers are coming……..

I installed a watering system in the garden after work this afternoon. I spoke with a neighbor that does underground irrigation and claims we could have a complete system in the backyard for around $700. That, coupled with a timer, … Continue reading

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mom’s mac and cheese is on the oven

my mom has given me a number of recipes of meals that I loved growing up and still love, despite my culinary ineptness. Tonight I am making mac and cheese which is super yummy. This is my 3rd time making … Continue reading

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tomato garden in progress

Yunuen and I┬ájust spent the last 6 hours digging up a nice hole in the backyard. We intend to fill this hole with compost mulch and steer manure (yum) and then plant 10-12 tomato plants. I have about 50 tomato … Continue reading

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