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the bike is ready!

Yesterday was an exciting day as I insured my bike (less than $20/month), registered it, and got my permit! Eventually I will have to get my endorsement, but for the time being, I am ok with the restrictions that accompany … Continue reading

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Tila’s big day

Yunuen is in Mexico at the moment with the dogs as she took Tila down to be spade. We’ve been wanting to do this for some time so that we prevent any unwanted pregnancies. We are chatting on the webcam … Continue reading

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shooting lessons

Ben hired me for shooting lessons today – so we headed off to the Three Points range for a few hours of shooting at the zombie holding paper plates. I have come to realize that I shoot far better in … Continue reading

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another sick day

Yun and I ate at yet another filthy ‘restaurant’ last night and as a consequence, it was her night to be horribly sick. I went out early this morning to get the paramox as she is not doing too well. … Continue reading

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playa guayacanes and paramox 500

The night before last I harvested a colony of parasites somewhere in my body. I came to this realization about 2am when I made my first of many visits to the bano. I was in horrible shape the next day, … Continue reading

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Tres Ojos

Later today we made our way to Tres Ojos (three eyes). The ‘eyes’ refer to three subterranean lakes. They were well worth the visit as the photos below demonstrate. There was a fourth lake that we had to take a … Continue reading

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Faro de Colon

We went to ‘Faro de Colon’ today which is the tomb of Cristobel Colon (ie, Christopher Columbus). The ‘faro’ looks like a modern day penetentary and is apparently quite controversial because of this and the amount of money that was … Continue reading

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segundo dia en la RD

Yun and I spent the day wandering around the Colonial Zone of SD. We had lunch in the house of Nicolas de Ovando who replaced Christopher’s Columbus’ son as Governor when he passed away. It was very tasty, but unfortunately … Continue reading

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Santo Domingo!

Yun and I arrived in Santo Domingo about an hour ago and made it to Coco Boutique where we are staying for a few days. It is warm, but with a nice breeze. We had arranged for a guy named … Continue reading

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