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Prescott, Arizona

It’s Memorial Day weekend. Yun and I traveled up to Prescott with Jeff, Beth, Liam, and Natalie. We rented a cabin in the mountains. It is beautiful. It smells great and it is in the low 70s. Yun and I … Continue reading

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Taste of The Wild Pacific Stream Dog

We changed dog foods again today. It’s hard to find something that is not garbage. Most dog foods seem to contain grains and other such undigestable things to fill their bags. The marketing boasts of fruits and vegetables, but doesn’t … Continue reading

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6 years

Today is our 6-year anniversary. This is the first time our anniversary has occurred on a Saturday since our wedding 6 years ago. We have a tradition which we’ve been consistent with since our first anniversary. Couples massage and then … Continue reading

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Mexican Bocce Ball Champion

We traveled down to Guaymas last night to spend a long weekend on the beach. As we both worked yesterday, we didn’t arrive until after 1am. Fortunately I had a little sleep on the trip which made things go fast. … Continue reading

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As we live much farther North now, we are unable to take the dogs on their traditional blood runs that they were used to when we lived in the South. Fortunately, next to where we live is an empty lot … Continue reading

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Polish cuisine for dinner…

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Bin Laden is dead today…

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Conveyor belt of sushi for lunch…

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Wisdom from Portland

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