Mexican Bocce Ball Champion

We traveled down to Guaymas last night to spend a long weekend on the beach. As we both worked yesterday, we didn’t arrive until after 1am. Fortunately I had a little sleep on the trip which made things go fast. We drove down with Yun’s parents.

As we approach Guaymas, the dogs must begin to recognize things or smell the salt air, because they go crazy. Scout was up this morning at around 6 am after 4 hours of sleep to hit the beach. He played in the water all day today and appears to be exhausted, so theoretically he’ll sleep well tonight.

I bought a cheap bocce ball set in Tucson before we left for our first international bocce ball championship this afternoon. Perhaps we’ll invest in a better quality set in the future, but for the time this one worked.

Yun and I are sitting on the back veranda of Abe’s house listening to some Bob Marley right now. The temperature is perfect with a nice warm breeze while we watch the sun set over the sea. This is one of the most relaxing places I know.

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