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Tila hides her bone

Tila has this funny habit of burying bones that we give her. This happens even when we’re not home. We gave her a bone last weekend while at Matt and Dana’s. As always, we found it  hilarious and so I … Continue reading

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Book: The Mindbody Prescription

Needless to say, this book is controversial. I finished it a few days ago and have adopted the proposed solution to my pain issues presented within. What else do I have to lose? I went back to my third rheumatologist … Continue reading

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Tucson Food Traditions

We were able to visit Tucson last Thursday for a couple days. It’s been months since we’ve been able to visit, so it was long past due. The highlight of course is seeing our friends and eating a lot of … Continue reading

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poppin’ pills!

One sure sign of old age is my diet of pills. Most of them are for pain, but there are a few vitamins and such mixed in there. Good times!

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Scout’s misery

We went to Tucson last weekend. As such, we needed to get the dogs current on their vaccinations (parvo/distemper). Normally this is done in the US, but given the price, we thought it better to do it here in Hermosillo. … Continue reading

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Book: The Mindbody Prescription

Started reading a new book yesterday called, The Mindbody Prescription. It was prompted due to the increasing pain in both of my shoulders. It’s a rather radical approach to addressing the origin of my pain. Some of which seems intuitively … Continue reading

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sushi fail and sushi success

Yun and I went out for sushi a week ago. It was ok, but the bill was around $50 which is absurd for a third-world country. Not sure what that’s about, but nonetheless, we thought we’d take things into our … Continue reading

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Spanish Studies: May 13, 2014

I have switched to doing an hour and a half this week for my Spanish studies. So far this seems like a good choice. I may increase to two hours in the near future. This week I am working on … Continue reading

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John 11 Study: May 12, 2014

9am I am half way through Sproul’s commentary on the book of John. So far I’ve enjoyed it quite a lot and have found it helpful to this study. “The disciples said to him, ‘Rabbi, the Jews were just now … Continue reading

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Guaymas Photo Shoot

We went to Guaymas last weekend to spend time with Yun’s family for Mother’s Day. We left on Saturday afternoon and returned on Sunday afternoon, so it was a relatively short visit. Yun’s mom wanted to take group photos much … Continue reading

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