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more demolition

Further destruction on the floor today as the sewage system was ripped up to be replaced with the non-clay version. I took Friday and Monday off in hopes to get the drainage completed in order that we can lay cement … Continue reading

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taqueria jenny #3

Yun spent the weekend in Prescott on a retreat while I stayed in Tucson to work on the house. In an effort to continue the circuit of fine dining in South Tucson, I had lunch at Taqueria Jenny #3. This … Continue reading

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mucho trabajo hoy

Today was another busy Saturday working on the house. Nacho reported for work early and helped complete the gutting of the main house. We loaded up the truck and and I took a trip to the dump with Yun’s father. … Continue reading

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It was a scorcher today and I have what feels like 1st degree burns on my neck and face. Yunuen and I spent the day in the hot sun selling the clutter from our house at Nick and Betsy‚Äôs neighborhood … Continue reading

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Today marks the advent of a new phase! Formerly we’ve only known destruction, but today something was actually constructed. Because there are two homes on the property, there are two separate meters for electricity. Both homes were wired for 100amp, … Continue reading

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Tucson fine cuisine

I am thinking about blogging my opinion on every hotdog stand in South Tucson. That may take a few years. This morning we had hotdogs for breakfast along with some homemade potato chips. It was so good and so close … Continue reading

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