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Yun and I had Thanksgiving dinner with the Cepins; John, Patti, Joel, and Blanca. This meal ranks up there with top 5 favorite meals. I would probably add roast, steak and potatoes, carne asada, and meatloaf to that list. We … Continue reading

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Jeff and Beth came over for dinner tonight with Krystal for our Spanish lesson-night dinner. It was a lot of fun and the food was great. Jeff and Beth have recently purchased a house and have done a lot of … Continue reading

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birds and bees

I was working on the yard the a few days ago and happened to notice a hawk (the default term for any large bird that is not a crow) on a neighbor’s jeep. I grabbed my camera to take a … Continue reading

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500 days…

Yun and I just watched 500 Days of Summer. It was a great movie with a great soundtrack. I’m beginning to think the soundtrack is about 90% of the entertainment for me. I recommend this movie. We watch plenty of … Continue reading

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Pacquiao vs. Cotto

a Continue reading

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chicken feet

Yun brought home some chicken feet tonight along with some gizzards and livers. The dogs are going to be very happy!

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Casa Nueva!

Yun and I have been looking for another house to buy for a while now as an investment property to help secure our future plans in Mexico. We left for Phoenix early on Saturday to attend a foreclosure auction. This … Continue reading

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iPhone? No, i9Phone!

iPhones are running over $400 for a 3g 16gb phone. I just purchased the far superior i9Phone (made in Shenzhen, China) off ebay for $66 (delivered). The i9Phone is superior due to having 2 SIM card slots which allows multiple … Continue reading

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Slow Paseo: Organic Grapes

I opened a bottle of red last night – my first experience with organic grapes in wine. Of course, given the lack of regulation, the term is somewhat meaningless. The wine was called Slow Paseo and really wasn’t too bad. … Continue reading

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