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Nothing is done online here. All of our bills, including taxes, are paid in person. That can be a challenge,  as in the case of taxes, the government building closes at 3pm. We just got our electric bill today and … Continue reading

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Up early

As I no longer have a regular job, weekends are generally no different than weekdays. I love getting up early on both. The dogs love getting up early as well as it often means playtime for them.

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craigslist success

Our house is slowing coming to completion. It’s been no small task to be sure. The exterior was finally painted a couple of weeks ago.  Not-so-easy when it has been in the 100s. However, I bought a high powered paint … Continue reading

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El Mecanico (again)

Alex was back at the house today. This time for the truck. We are in no short supply of mechanical needs it seems. The truck has been running rough for months, ever since a return trip from Mexico late last … Continue reading

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poker in la casa

Had some guys over for poker last night: Luke, Ben, Jon, Liam, Daniel, Abraham, and Gabriel. First: Jon Second: ME Third: Liam

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relocation to newer version of old home…

We moved into the newer version of our old house last weekend. What a mess. Despite our efforts to get rid of things we no longer use or don’t want, we still can’t seem to trim the mountains of excess. … Continue reading

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lizard in the house.

We moved into our ‘new’ house last weekend. I found this guy in the master closet. Sadly, I ripped off his tail in an effort to get him in my hand for a photo. I hope it grows back.

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blossoms right outside the front door…

And they smell great.

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Northside Wine, NY

I love Northside Wine in New York and I love that you can buy wine on the internet. I have been touring the regions of Spain for the last year. There are a few regions I have yet to explore, … Continue reading

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javalinas in the front yard….

Stepped outside tonight to see a family of javalinas eating some weeds in the front yard. We’ve seen them a few times in this neighborhood since we’ve moved here. They are apparently as abundant as the coyotes.

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