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We decided to head to Guaymas today. It’s just over an hour from the house. It’s a nice drive when not coming from Tucson. The water is really warm and the weather quite nice. We went to Los Arbolitos for … Continue reading

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Juan Carlos

Today I had the privilege of meeting Juan Carlos. He came into the pharmacy wanting to use the pay phone. We have a phone that you pay in advance, rather than coin operated. Juan was trying to reach his family … Continue reading

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dog walking El Centro

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Gabriel lives a couple blocks from our house. It’s a 2 minute walk. This is particularly convenient now as our washer and dryer are still in Tucson. His backyard is lined with guava trees which are now ready for eating. … Continue reading

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El centro

The center of town is not far from our house, maybe 5 minutes. There is a nice cathedral and square to walk around. We took the dogs with us last Sunday evening. Plenty of interesting things to see and eat.

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Back home

Happy to be back home, even though it is rather hot. Scout and I are enjoying the sunset from the front yard.

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We had an early inspection on our house this morning, so we decided to prolong our anniversary festivities another day by staying the night at Lowes Ventana Canyon. I love this place. The tub is like a mini lap pool … Continue reading

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Oil snake

I found what appears to be a snake in our oil and vinegar today at lunch. We went to Escalon with Gabriel and Alejandra, an Italian place just up the street.

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offers on the house

We have received a couple spectacular offers on the house, but today we received one for the full asking price with no additions (no contributions toward closing costs, etc). We accepted the offer and now it is subject to various … Continue reading

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My favorite meal

There is a place down the street which is easily my favorite. Good wine and great steaks. I look forward to our next visit. This was dinner a couple nights ago.

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