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Irish Puritans

The remote control for my camera came today! It works really well. I just ordered a book that I should have in time which I thought appropriate:

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yard work

It is a perfect day to work on the yard. I just cut the grass, watered the trees and plants, and planted a new bougainvillea (Rasberry Ice!). We have two types of bougainvillea in the yard, 3 bushes and 1 … Continue reading

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Cigars International has become one of my favorite places to visit online! They are running some killer deals lately. I have a friend at work that keeps a box of Kahlua coronas (among others) in his office of which we partake … Continue reading

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Matt and Dana’s House in Dublin

This is where we will be staying in a few weeks! Hosted by eSnips

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we got the time off!

  Yun and I were really pleased to find out this week that we were able to get a couple weeks off in November to visit Matt and Dana in Dublin. We bought our tickets last night after hours of … Continue reading

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We didn’t do much with the garden this year – just the watermellons. I’m not exactly sure what type of watermellons these are, but they are fairly small, round, and extremely tasty! I really had no idea when they were … Continue reading

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felicidades en la familia

We have celebrated a couple birthdays recently – Yun’s father’s in Mexico and Gabriel’s at our house. Both of which were celebrated with excellent food! We had molé for one and carne asada for the other. These both, along with chiles … Continue reading

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