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partagas 3 serie d no 4 tubos

I came home the other day to a very pleasant looking package on my table from the Canary Islands. At first I thought the package was empty, but then when I learned it was my xmas gift from Matt in … Continue reading

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package from Cuba!

I came home to find a sweet surprise waiting for me – a package from Switzerland with a box of 25 Cuban Diplimaticos #2 Torpedos. How sad for Matt should he think these are coming home with Dana (she arrived … Continue reading

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Spring 2008

We had an excellent board meeting this evening for Alethia Academy. The event was held at my house which I enjoy immensely. Plenty of cigars, pipes, beer, wine, and food to meet everyone’s desires. The school year is coming to … Continue reading

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San Carlos 2008

Yunuen and I went to San Carlos early Tuesday morning with her parents and our friends from Minnesota Earl and Dee. We stayed at the Hotel Armida in Guaymas. We chose this location due to the limited options – we … Continue reading

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Feijoada and cigars!

Winter is clearly over – it was hot today. Yun and I had lunch at the Adams’ house with Dave, Vivi, Jason, and Kelly. Vivi made an excellent Brazilian dish ‘Feijoada’. It was really good and one of those meals … Continue reading

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this is my first attempt to blog by phone. I am sitting outside in the back yard smoking a Don Kiki – not that impressive for the price. I am quite pleased today, despite having to go to work earlier … Continue reading

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yunuen’s b-day

        Yunuen and I visited Casa Vicente on Tuesday for her birthday. Its located near downtown Tucson in area that is certainly not the nicest, but not a bad area either. The restaurant is pretty simple in … Continue reading

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new humidor

I have been looking for a new humidor for a few weeks now. It’s been hard to find one that I really liked, but this morning I found one I thought would be perfect for my needs and at a … Continue reading

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Cigars International┬áhas become one of my favorite places to visit online! They are running some killer deals lately. I have a friend at work that keeps a box of Kahlua coronas (among others) in his office of which we partake … Continue reading

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I got home last night around midnight to find a package with my name on it sitting on the kitchen table. I didn’t recall a recent purchase online, so I figured it was probably a new cell phone or something … Continue reading

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