new humidor

I have been looking for a new humidor for a few weeks now. It’s been hard to find one that I really liked, but this morning I found one I thought would be perfect for my needs and at a great price. I found many reviews online that were unanimously positive. I also bought some propylene glycol solution for proper humidification. Distilled water doesn’t seem to work the best in itself, at least for the humidors I have presently. Tap water is absolutely horrible, particularly with the mineral deposits.I also ordered some cigars today! 🙂

A box of Te Amos, a sweet Mexican cigar made in Vera Cruz. Abe has bought one of these for me in the past and I enjoyed it a great deal. I bought some 5 Vegas Classic Robustos (one of my favorites), La Aroma de Cuban Monarch, Signature Collection by Perdomo (a torpedo), and Gurkha’s Master Select Robusto #4. These along with what I have at home should be sufficient to fill my new humidor!


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