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Matt’s Epic Fail

So Matt and Dana arrived in Tucson a couple weeks ago. Unloading their truck didn’t take too long. The highlight of the day was Matt’s attempt to ride his bike out of the truck. As his friend, it was my … Continue reading

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The garden…second attempt.

The garden we started earlier this year has not been so successful. I planted 6 different types of peppers, 3 types of corn, and an armenian cucumber. Total start up cost was approximately 50 dollars. Sadly, all but one pepper … Continue reading

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hermosillo, june 2012

Yun and I are at Gabriel’s house in Hermosillo for the weekend. It is brutally hot. It was somewhere between 110 and 115 yesterday. Fortunately he keeps his house comfortably cold. It’s nice to get out of town for the … Continue reading

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I watched a great movie tonight called Lbs. In a way, it reminded me of Krakauer’s book Into the Wild. The story is of a New York fat guy that has a heart attack due to his weight. He tries … Continue reading

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craigslist success

Our house is slowing coming to completion. It’s been no small task to be sure. The exterior was finally painted a couple of weeks ago.  Not-so-easy when it has been in the 100s. However, I bought a high powered paint … Continue reading

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