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This could have been my first eagle. I crushed it with my 2 iron off the tee. But sadly, my horrid putting led to a two putt birdie. I’ll take it, but it sure would have been nice.

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El Mecanico

Recently we discovered some problems with the Passat. But thankfully we have a Mexican solution to that. His name is Alex. He’s a great mechanic and hard worker and doesn’t charge much. This time we had a link in the … Continue reading

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brazilian philodendron

I’ve been growing golden pothos at work for years. I have a wonderful window ledge in my office that has just the right amount of sun. They grow rapidly and propagate easily. The pothos looks very similar to the philodendron. … Continue reading

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Guaymas / March

Yun and I headed down to Guaymas for some beach action a couple weeks ago with Jeff, Beth, Liam, and Natalie. We left after work on Friday and returned on Monday. Saturday night was poker night at Abe’s house. Mexicans … Continue reading

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poker in la casa

Had some guys over for poker last night: Luke, Ben, Jon, Liam, Daniel, Abraham, and Gabriel. First: Jon Second: ME Third: Liam

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