Guaymas / March

Yun and I headed down to Guaymas for some beach action a couple weeks ago with Jeff, Beth, Liam, and Natalie. We left after work on Friday and returned on Monday.

Saturday night was poker night at Abe’s house. Mexicans versus Americans. I was the first to take out a Mexican, but that’s all I can claim. Jeff hung in there until the final three, but was eventually taken out. I blame the lack of re-buys and the rapid increase on the blinds. This was confirmed last weekend when Abe and Gabriel came to Tucson for a second round and were proven less than victorious.

We had a nice lunch at Bonifacio’s on Sunday. Part of the fun was the drive there. I had the Charger (Gab’s), Yun had the Camero (Abe’s). We each had some tasty dishes and then went for a walk on the beach.

There is a good size hill on the inlet that provides for some good photos. Here’s a photo looking down on Bonifacios.

Liam and I had plans to do some diving, but the water is just a tad too cold this early in the year. I suspect in a couple more months, the water will be in the 80s.

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