yunuen’s b-day






Yunuen and I visited Casa Vicente on Tuesday for her birthday. Its located near downtown Tucson in area that is certainly not the nicest, but not a bad area either. The restaurant is pretty simple in regard to furnishings, but has some nice Spanish paintings throughout. I ordered the Langostinos al Mojo (prawns). It was really exceptional and I was pleased despite not being an enormous fan of prawns. They had a nice wine selection, but since it was all Spanish wine, I requested our server bring his recommendation which proved to be an excellent choice (La Estacada 2003). There was nice music and flamenco dancing for entertainment which was enjoyable. We recorded some video with Yun’s cell phone.

We are spending the weekend in Tubac at the Golf Resort there for this upcoming weekend. The weather should be nice, so we hope to be able to go horseback riding and hiking in the mountains.

I received my new humidor yesterday and shipment of cigars. It is absolutely beautiful and much nicer than I had expected. CI continues to tempt me daily with their exceptional deals – I received an email today regarding their Gurkha Symphony Robustos on sale for a third of their regular price. One of the employees on my team begged me for most of the day to go in on an order with him. I’m not exactly the strongest person when it comes to these issues. 😀





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  1. matt says:

    How many times a day do you open your humidor and just take a big whif?

  2. Lis says:

    Hey Ryan,
    Yes, they are mine!
    Anyway… you look scared in this pic! It seems like someone took the picture while you were doing something wrong:)
    Hope you guys have a nice and special weekend!

  3. Ryan says:

    Far too frequently! Sadly, I spend more time smelling them than I do smoking them. I’m sure you can relate.

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