Cigars International has become one of my favorite places to visit online! They are running some killer deals lately. I have a friend at work that keeps a box of Kahlua coronas (among others) in his office of which we partake of as frequently a time permits. My brother-in-law has recently given me some Cuban Montecristos, a box of Ejecutivos (hecho en Vera Cruz y MUY raro!), and some other treats (including a Te Amo which I am going to try in a few minutes).

Brian and his wife Laurel came over for dinner last Wednesday, which was very nice. I smoked one of my Brazilians (Dona Flor) that Ben brought be back from Brazil a few months back. It was quite nice. Brian smoked one of my favorite Peruvians (Senor de Sipan) of which I have a few left.

Oh yea!

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