we got the time off!


Yun and I were really pleased to find out this week that we were able to get a couple weeks off in November to visit Matt and Dana in Dublin. We bought our tickets last night after hours of online research. It was disappointing to see the prices go up substantially since the last time we looked a couple days ago. We usually use expedia (usually the worst), travelocity, cheaptickets, cheapotickets, travelzoo, etc; but this time we found the best deal on orbitz.

We spent the rest of the night yesterday trying to forumlate some travel ideas once we get there. RyanAir is ridiculously cheap to fly to remote places in Europe, but the reviews are rather scary as the service is apparently horrible. Even so, here are some of the places we’d like to go:

Preference Number 1:

Preference Number 1 also looks nice in Winter:

Preference Number 2 looks interesting, particularly as the village is protected by a Medieval fortification:

Preference Number 3 is a place we have wanted to go for quite some time – it is also the lowest cost destination from Dublin we have found thus far! The Apostle Paul has been to this place a few thousand years back:

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