Prescott, Arizona

It’s Memorial Day weekend. Yun and I traveled up to Prescott with Jeff, Beth, Liam, and Natalie. We rented a cabin in the mountains. It is beautiful. It smells great and it is in the low 70s. Yun and I love these sort of vacations. They are so very relaxing. No plans. No rush. We need to pool our resources and buy a place like this.

This morning we woke relatively late. Ate breakfast. Played with the dogs. Went to a park. We played some horseshoe. I know the game from my youth. I don’t remember it being so fun. Yun and I decimated Jeff and Beth. Then the guys played a few rounds. Jeff and I won one, Liam one two. Liam was very, very lucky.

Notice Beth’s perfect form as the horseshoe heads for her foot.

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2 Responses to Prescott, Arizona

  1. Mary Bigelow says:

    Um, awesome. I’m jealous! I told Beau I wanted to make a Memorial Day tradition of going away for the weekend, but frankly, there’s no where cool to go on the east coast. This cabin in Prescott looks just lovely. Any pictures of the inside?

  2. Dana says:

    That cabin looks awesome! I hope you guys were able to indulge in some spades over the holiday weekend. We haven’t played since we left Tucson 🙁

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