car wash and rummage sale…

We have a group of nearly 20 people at church going on a trip to Honduras in July. The cost will run just over $20k. So we’ve been having a number of fund raising events. Today we did a car wash and rummage sale at the church. This was our second car wash and second rummage sale, but first car wash AND rummage sale. It was nearly three times as successful as our first car wash, but only about half as successful as our first rummage sale. It was a lot of work, but we had fun.

We had a pretty sweet layout. Three stations: wash/rinse, dry (with leaf blowers as seen above), and vacuum.  I found we could wash a car in about three minutes, but the vacuuming added another 10-15 minutes per vehicle. The next time we do this, I am going to recommend we cut the vacuum station.

After today, we are nearly half way to our goal.

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