farewell Dr. Richards…

Sad night. My good friend Ben is leaving for Albuquerque tomorrow morning for a new job as a staff scientist for commercial company. Ben was my first friend here in Tucson and therefore my oldest friend, so it is quite sad to see him go. Yesterday he completed PhD at the University of Arizona in Optics.

Our book group won’t be the same. We have been meeting mostly monthly for years. We won’t miss some of the horrible books he’s picked though.

Ben introduced me to shooting and hand guns in particular. I have a lot of good memories of going to the silhouette range and even shooting in a match.

And the endless conversations over the economy. There’s only a few other people I can have those conversations with (without losing my mind).

I learned much from him about the Van Allen radiation belts and FEMA camps.

We will continue our legacy together at reformedaudio.org where we hope to generate enough revenue to soon retire!

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4 Responses to farewell Dr. Richards…

  1. Matt says:

    I checked the last few months and was quite sad to see there were no sad posts…or posts at all following our departure. Well, not like we’re jealous but…WE ARE!

    We’re very sad to see Team Richards leaving Tucson. We are operating under the assumption that they will be moving back some day.

  2. admin says:

    haha. we got a new house when you left, so we channeled our sadness into better living.

    I dont think they’ll be back though.

  3. Ben says:

    It is snowing here today. You guys should move to Albuquerque. Jeff will be leaving before too long and there’s no way in the world Luke will keep having a reading group just with you. It would drive him mad.

    Lis says you should come and open a Guero Canelo franchise!

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