Hevelius…najlepszy piwo.

Made my first trip to Total Wine tonight. Incredible. Like BevMo, but better. They have a much more impressive Spanish wine selection. I have been working my way through the various regions and the various grapes (mostly tempranillos and garnachas).

I purchased a Polish beer as well. Hevelius Kaper. It is made by Elbrewery in Elblag, Poland. Elbrewery makes a couple of my favorites: EB and Zywiec. The Hevelius is much stronger (8.7%). It is named after Johannes Hevelius, or the name his mother called him Jan Heweliusz. He was an astronmer, like Nicolaus Copernicus, or as his mother called him Mikolaj Kopernik. Polaks have always been genetically superior astronomers.

The beer was good. Strong. But enjoyable.

I enjoyed it while watching the movie Faster.

I like Dwayne Johnson (The ROCK) and Billy Bob Thorton. This movie was a movie about revenge. Dwayne Johnson is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the 2000s. I’ve loved nearly every movie of Arnold’s. Commando. Predator. Terminator. I get the same feeling with Johnson.  He was great in The Scorpion King.

I’m not sure this movie would appeal to many. However, if you like the Arnold movies I mentioned above, you might just like it.

* Recommended

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2 Responses to Hevelius…najlepszy piwo.

  1. Dana says:

    Yeah we miss Total Wine- great selection and decent prices. Matt loves the humidor there too. We finally found a decent wine store up here that carries some of our faves that we drank in Ireland. Sure wish we could get $2 Sangiovese from Trader Joes though 🙁

  2. admin says:

    They don’t have Trader Joes in Minnesota?? That’s too bad.

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