San Carlos: Primero Tiempo 2009


We left Tucson for San Carlos two weeks ago after my mom and nephew Riley flew in to town. We arrived at Nogales around 7pm and switched vehicles to my Rodeo as we had the dogs with us and as such, it is much more accommodating. We were pressed for space, so we used the luggage rack on the roof for the first time. I wasn’t too confident our luggage would be there when we arrived; but it was.


We arrived to our condo around 1am and were fortunate enough to find someone to get us a key. As we were anxious to see how the dogs would take to the water, we headed to the beach nearly immediately. Surprisingly, both Scout and Tila were willing to get in the water right away.


We had a nice time over the weekend exploring the beach and an estuary. We also had the chance to charter a boat for a couple hours to try some deep sea fishing as well as watch the sun go down. Unfortunately, I hadn’t contemplated the formula:

‘2 hours + 2 beer – a bathroom = pain worse than childbirth’


As has become customary, we stopped at La Cobacha for lunch in Guaymas before departing today. Riley and I had the breaded red snapper, mom had crab tostados, and Yun had shrimp wrapped with bacon and cheese. Always good food.

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