I played tennis yesterday for the first time in over 10 years. I played with a neighbor and a friend that are my age. I also haven’t had this much exercise in the last 10 years either. I nearly died.

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Sourdough batards

Made 9 loaves of sourdough this week under the supervision of la cocina indomitus. So good!

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Representing 6

Last week we went to Tucson to visit and for a dinner of all PCA pastors in the city. The photo above represents 6 reformed churches. Good times. Good food. Good wine. Good smokes.

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We had a nice visit with Daniel, Daniela, and family last night.

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Pain Rustique with chili piquin

Made some legit loaves of spicy bread today. The temperatures have radically reduced here and the highs have been mostly in the 80s. That makes baking significantly easier when the temperature in the house is as low as it is these days.

A few weeks back I ordered a large deck oven, a 20 liter mixer, and a proofing fridge. None of which has been delivered, but at least the mixer has arrived to Hermosillo and I hope to get it delivered to the house this week. The proofing fridge will make controlling temperatures much less of a battle. And the deck oven will allow me to bake 12 to 16 loaves at a time, rather than the single loaves I’m currently capable of doing with our house oven (45 minutes per loaf). The new deck oven also gets substantially hotter (700 farenheit) which will be a nice upgrade.

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Beto had a kid

Beto has been seen as a member of the family for decades. I have known him about 15 years myself. He’s a good guy that used to live near us in Tucson and who, for the last 6 years, has lived near us here in HMO. A month ago he became a father to a little girl. We had the opportunity to visit him and his new family last night.

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Bike ride

We recently bought an additional vehicle for the house we could use to transport things easier than with what we currently have. In theory, it will replace my Jeep should we sell it.

Today we put it to the test transporting our bikes and dogs. It worked out great.

There’s a place not too far from the house, that is somewhat remote and unpopulated. It was a great place to ride our bikes and let the dogs run free.

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Eye exam

Had my eyes checked this week to update prescription for glasses. I am losing my near-sightedness with contacts.

I am considering having corrective surgery.

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Gab 36 bday

Gab’s 36th bday last Friday. He had a pretty sweet party at his house. All of which included a great cover band with a spectacular inventory of 80s and 90s songs. And the food was amazing.

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20 Sundays and a new location!

Today was a really special day for us. Not only have we been meeting 4:20 Sundays, or 5 months, but we also have a new location.

We’re very excited about the new location and quite please that it is only about 2 minutes from the house.

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