Traditions continue. The load bearing wall in the background was removed and that beam in the ceiling took its place.

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living/dining mostly done

What a project. We are mostly done now with this side of the house. We finished the kitchen first and then moved on to living and dining. A few small items remain and then we can work out way to the hallway and bedrooms.

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going for walk

We love the new neighborhood and so do the dogs.

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Boundary survey

We had a company come out yesterday to do a survey of our property’s boundary. As it turns our, much of our neighbor’s landscaping is actually our property. Also, much of their driveway is also on my land.

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kitchen progress

It was brought to my attention today that the contractor I was paying more than 3 times what I am paying the current contractor, made a number of dumb mistakes. I am sure he would have remedied those things, but it would have been at my expense.

That’s annoying but I am glad I discovered it sooner than later. Very happy with our current guy and hes doing a great job.

I hope to have him for at least 3 more days next week. I have many months more of work for him but that will also depend upon his availability.

He made good progress in the kitchen today. It’s nice to see coming a long.

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Scout’s new necklace

It would be a disaster if Scout ever got out. He’s deaf and he’s not exactly friendly with strangers. We thought it time to get a tag with our phone numbers.

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slow and steady

We finally found a more affordable contractor. The last was $80/hour which seemed absurd. The new worker is doing great and we are finally making progress on the kitchen. Still so much work remains. At least now we are much more hopeful that progress will accelerate.

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visitor from GDL

When Yun was on one of her trips to Guadalajara, her mom’s friends were kind enough to give them a place to rest for a week. This saved us a lot of money. Yesterday Emilio was up in Tucson for a brief stay with his family from Yuma, so we were able to go out for breakfast and later have them over to the house.

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imagine this scenario

It started getting warm yesterday, really warm. I quite like the change. One thing I don’t like is when rattle snakes come into the house.

The trauma was real. I grabbed a shovel and slayed it. Then we speculated about the hundreds of brothers and sisters that are probably hiding all throughout the house.

I didn’t sleep well. I dreamt of snakes.

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Matt came over today to celebrate my securities license success. So good.

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