Mt Lemmon 2020

We spent last weekend up Mt. Lemmon with Matt, Dana, Charles, and Julie. It’s about an hour from the house, but the elevation radically improves upon the weather. It was nearly 100 degrees at home and 60-70s up there.

Matt and arrived early on Friday. The ladies followed a few hours later and the Garlands shortly after them. All was well, but somewhere in the middle of the night I began to smell that unfortunately familiar burnt tire smell. I thought there was always the possibility it was somewhere off in the distance and there’d be nothing to worry about.

That was not to be as discovered first thing in the morning when stepping outside on to the deck. It was as if someone lit a tire on fire on right there. The stench was awful.

To add insult to injuet, this little fellow seemed to lack the normal fear factor that he should have had programmed at birth when it comes to avoidance of people and dogs. But sadly that was not the case as he brazenly moved around on the patio while the dogs curiously followed him from behind.

It turned out that he had made the BBQ his home. The BBQ we needed that day to grill the fillets. Fortunately, I was not aware he was under the grill when I removed the cover and turned it on as I probably would have avoided that task. Also fortunately, he didn’t punish me for heating up his home. With some coercion, we eventually got him to leave, assuming that was going to be a permanent thing.


Mt. Lemmon is paradise for the dogs. Not only because the temperature is cool, but because there’s so much for them to explore unrestrained. Though I think I overestimate Scout’s endurance in his old age, still he never quits no matter how many times I throw the ball down a steep hill.

Saturday night we enjoyed some spectacular fillets with what I believe is my best performance with a twice-baked potato. Coupled with corn on the cob and baked onions (and a handful of serranos), it was probably the best dinner we’ve ever done together.

We attempted pizza on the grill for lunch, but that proved to be a disaster.

The photo above taken Friday is nearly identical to the photo taken 2 years previously on the exact same day. That wasn’t planned, but pretty crazy to be two years to the day.


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midtown walks

These two have gotten to know this neighborhood pretty well. They are walked nearly every day (some days multiple times). This is one of the things we like most about this area. The demographic is University students and faculty mostly. Everyone is always out walking their dogs. This time of year has the best sunsets.

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I was looking up recipes the other day to try and mix it up a bit. There was one that called for a small amount of basil, which I thought no problem I’ll add that to the list for the grocery store. Turns out, fresh herbs are a vile ripoff. The store wanted $3-5 for a small package of what looked like a few leaves. Forget that. I went to Trader Joes and bought the plant for the same price. It’s growing strong producing more than I need. Once again, the dehydrator proves it’s awesomeness. I can dehydrate the excess and grind them into powder for the little spice bottles. If I had the time, this would be a legit business.

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dehydrating potatoes

We have this weekly food basket we buy for $10. It’s generally filled with an excessive of things we don’t need, like potatoes. We have a lot of potatoes these days. We don’t eat potatoes too often (because they are soooo good in virtually every form and also make me really fat). So rather than let them go to waste, I dehydrated 5lbs last weekend. After blanching them, they turned out spectacular.

The most common use is probably au gratin potatoes, but I found I could grind them into flour and make bread and/or a host of other tasty things. As it turns out, that’s how pringles are made.

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Midtown reopens

Midtown finally began meeting again in person. This is Yun’s second time since we’ve moved here. I am no fan of the masks, but will comply. I am eagerly anticipating the day we can all burn those things.

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Kruise games

Phil and Shelly had us over for dinner last Monday. Phil made a pretty spectacular cabbage dish which inspired me to put our cabbage to use yesterday. I love cabbage. I found a recipe for Polish cabbage rolls (glampki) over the weekend. If it didn’t take hours to make, I’d have done it already. Perhaps there will be time later this week.

We played some games, the name of which I cannot recall. I do remember coming in second place, which is obviously very impressive.

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Monsoon blossoms

Yun is recovering well. She’s been at her new job for over a week now. This is a welcome alternative of the prior few months.

The monsoons have been late this year. Not only late, but sparse. Still, what little we have had has made the front bushes blossom.

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Steaks at the Garland’s

Charles and Julie had us over for no-carb (except the wine) dinner last Friday. Charles was the inspiration behind me getting a sous vide. I love it so much and he makes absolutely perfect medium-rare steaks with it.

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Yun is currently in Nogales visiting family as Abe, Martha, and the girls drove up from Guaymas.

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After my exam last Thursday, we had a chance to stop by and see Jaime and Letty. These are Yun’s cousins that live in Phoenix. They are always very kind and gracious.

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