Breakfast before class

Today will mark the completion of my first full week of classes here in Guadalajara. It’s been a pretty rough week. I’m not used to 5 hours of classes per day and another 2 to 4 hours of studying at night. But I like it. I feel like my Spanish has improved immensely leaving after this first week.

To celebrate my first full week I decided to go somewhere new for breakfast. As it turns out, this is been the best place to eat so far. And it is just up the street from my school. However, as is customary, even if I spell my name they still can’t get it right.

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On my way…

Left the house an hour ago to begin our journey to Guadalajara where I plan to live for the next few months in an attempt to make a serious attempt to radically improve my Spanish.

I enrolled in a program with the University of Guadalajara which amounts to 5 hours daily.

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Our friend Luis manages a nice restaurant here in town and on Tuesday we had the opportunity to visit him for lunch.

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Una Sola Carne

We had a spectacular carne asada last Friday at Yrem and Heidi’s home. Good food, good wine, good friends.

Later we played a version of the Newlywed Game which was hilarity.

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Kino highlights

We had an enjoyable and restful trip with Matt Dana in Kino. As is customary, the food, wine, and cigars were spectacular. We had fillets multiple night, with russet potatoes which is something we are unable to purchase in this country.

I believe this is the best time of year to take a visit to the beach. The temperature was in the mid 80s and 90s and the sea temperature was much cooler then the 90 degree temperatures that occur in the summer.

Saturday was a beautiful day until early evening when a very strange fog encroached upon us from the sea.

This is Scout’s happiest place on the planet. We’re not sure he has too many more visits given the amount of time he likely has left in life.

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Kino April 2018

We arrived to Kino this afternoon with Matt and Dana. This is probably the best time of year to visit as it is not yet unbearably hot. The water is still a bit cool, but not too cold to get in.

Scout lost his ball 5 mins after arrival.

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Dinner at Sergio and Nadia’s

We got home from San Carlos yesterday evening and went immediately to Sergio and Nadia’s house for spectacular dinner of ribs, fries, and cole slaw. We don’t get enough opportunity to spend time with them, but hopefully that will change in the future.

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It is starting to heat up, but it’s still nice in the evenings. Such a beautiful sunset.

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Pan queso con chiltepin

I made two no-knead firey cheese breads today, one of which had a Mennonite cheese with chiltepin, and the other I used a cheese from Chiapas and added about 2 ounces of chiltepin. Both were spectacular, but the loaf where I added the chiltepin separately was much spicier and preferred by all. It was also the cheaper loaf because cheese with chiltepin is much more expensive to buy. This will be ny showcase bread.

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Asael y Lupita

We were invited over to Asael and Lupita’s house for dinner this evening. We brought Sequence. Good times.

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