Gab 36 bday

Gab’s 36th bday last Friday. He had a pretty sweet party at his house. All of which included a great cover band with a spectacular inventory of 80s and 90s songs. And the food was amazing.

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20 Sundays and a new location!

Today was a really special day for us. Not only have we been meeting 4:20 Sundays, or 5 months, but we also have a new location.

We’re very excited about the new location and quite please that it is only about 2 minutes from the house.

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Chile de Arbol

Going to make some more pain rustique today with poolish made last night. After 14 hours, I put the poolish in the fridge as I had errands to run this morning. But as I learned last time, that radically reduces the temperature of the preferment so when added to the dough I’m getting a dough temperature of 60 degrees. I need 77.5 degrees.

So I attempted to raise the temperature by putting the bowl outside. After about 2 minutes, the dough temperature move from 60 to 77. I brought the bowl back inside, in fear that it would get too hot. As a result, the dough temperature lowered again back to 73.

The initial plan was to substitute garlic with shallots. I saw a bag of shallots next to bags of garlic last night at the grocery store and I thought it looked like a head of garlic but bigger and that perhaps it might be a fun alternative. Although, shallots are significantly more expensive than garlic.

As it turns out, shallots are more like onions than they are like garlic. As such, I wasn’t sure how to integrate it into the bread. Therefore I scrapped that idea, and went with a head of garlic. Before being peeled, an average head of garlic weighs around 40 grams. After peeling it, it weighs 30 grams. After the garlic is pressed, that is further reduced to 17.3 grams.

Today, rather than using chiltepin, I’m going to experiment with a much cheaper alternative: chile del arbol. Chiltepin has 50,000 to 100,000 Scoville units. Whereas Chile Del Arbol has 15,000 to 30,000 Scoville units. To compensate, I’m going to use twice as much Chile to see if that will put us in the same ballpark regarding heat.

After 40 minutes of autolyse, the dough is still too cold, dropping to 67. I out it back outside.

The surface temperature outside is over a hundred twenty degrees, so you wouldn’t think it needs to sit outside for very long.

My autolyse was an hour, before adding ingredients. 40 grams of chile might be far too much.

After the initial mix, the door was looking really good and the dough temperature is just about perfect.

Something came up unexpectedly between the final stretch and pull and final ferment, a delay of maybe 10 to 15 minutes. I’m hoping that does not create a problem.

In she goes.

50 minutes later:

This bread was barely edible it is so incredibly hot. My eyes were watering and my mouth scortched. This will probably appeal to a beer-drinking context with guys that like it really hot. The pepper itself has a smokey taste and it a nice distinctive to chiltepin. The bread turned a darker hue, somewhat reddish.

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Resting with Scout

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Barriquero Norte

This is my place for a spectacular steak and potatoes and asparagus and chilies. I love it so much.

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We are still in the triple digits as we had mid-september. The best remedy for such thing seems to be a day at the beach. Everyone here loves it, except Tila.

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Sunday lunch

Last Sunday we had a few people over for lunch after church. I made some paine rustique to compliment Yun’s soup. So good.

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We have been making efforts to go to the beach with more frequency. It’s not even an hour away and yet we always wonder why we don’t go more often. During the week is the best because there are never any other people on the beach.

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Monsoons coming to end

This was my view coming home a couple of days ago. We are on the end of the monsoons as we move into the final part of summer. The skies are beautiful, the roads are a disaster. Hopefully it will begin to cool down in the next couple months.

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Good times Mt. Lemmon

Last week on Monday we headed north to Tucson and a little bit further north to Mount Lemmon. Our plan was to spend three days on Mount Lemmon and a cabin with Matt and Dana, and Charles and Julie.

It was a glorious break from the oppressive heat we experience daily here in Hermosillo. It was actually quite cold. I did not exactly prepare for the temperature given the triple digit daily temperatures at home. But nonetheless, it was fantastico.

We had steak every night! Fillets the first night, and ribeyes the second night. Lots of wine, tequila, and other beverages, coupled with cigars, to help digest the amazing food.

The dogs had a spectacular time. It has been 6 years since our last visit. Tila spent hours digging in the dirt. Scout ran vigorously until his legs shook uncontrollably.

We had a great time and the time we spent went all too quickly. It would be wonderful if this was a trip we could take on a monthly basis. I really enjoyed the change of temperature.

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