Yun was not able to make it to Asael and Lupita’s wedding rehearsal last night, so I went in her place. I did an amazing job.

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Sitting at our gate in GDL. Looking forward to the return and seeing our dogs. SLP was fun but I wouldn’t want to live there. It’s a nice colonial town but after a while that gets old. The food was a major disappointment. It’s so bland. They eat a lot of bread. I generally don’t like bread.

Here are some fotos from the trip:

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Touring SLP

We spent the day touring around the old town. Yun’s uncle lives here and so he spent the day with us. 

We paid 50 pesos for a 40-minute tour bus that took us around to various sites. This is a really pretty city. Much bigger than Hermosillo. Much cleaner. Much more green. Basically better in many way.  However, thus far the food has been a major disappointment. The regional cuisine is nothing spectacular and mostly bland. They don’t eat spicy food here. Shameful. 

I tried the carne asada tacos today just to see how they would compare. They were mostly horrible. The meat wasn’t all that bad, but the taste was bland. I would never order something like this again from this state.

We visited a prison that has been converted into an art school. Not much to see, but it was interesting for about 5 minutes. 

Right now we are at a mall. Yun is at Zara. Her most favorite store on the planet. So fun.

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San Luis Potosi

We caught a flight from Hermosillo to Guadalajara this morning, then grabbed an Uber to get to the central bus depot. We arrived just in time to catch a bus to San Luis Potosi. It is a 5 hour journey northeast from here.

 After the 5-hour journey, we finally made it to our destination. This is a beautiful city. A bit cold which is a refreshing change.

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Civil ceremony

Asael and Lupita had their civil ceremony a couple days ago. In Mexico, there is a civil ceremony and a religious ceremony before someone gets married. In this case, the Civil ceremony is nearly two weeks before the religious ceremony. It’s a strange thing really, because you leave wondering are they considered married now or not. The religious ceremony is not required by law and so from the perspective of the state they are legally married, but the ceremony itself is strange.

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La dentista

We have been with this dentist for about a few years now. She’s been pretty good and we often recommend her. Our six month cleaning runs 400 pesos (roughly $20).

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Last meeting

 This photo was taken a few weeks ago. It just uploaded now. It is of our last night with the youth from church. We had a great time at Sergio and Nadia’s house.

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Phil and Nancy

We had some first-time visitors to town last week. A lot of good food and good conversations. We spent Wednesday at the beach and Kino. Good times.

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that other church…

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 8.41.17 PM

A couple Saturdays back we enjoyed a visit to another church in town to celebrate Mexico’s emancipation from Spain. The food was abundant (but communal, which I just don’t like). This is always a fun group of people with which to spend time. I can never remember most of their names, nor can I even recall the name of the church. I’m aging poorly. 

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Scout and his water addiction

I played with Scout today in the backyard. I filmed him eating water. Then I made this video. It was a very productive day!

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