mucho trabajo hoy

It snowed in the mountains last night! We had a beautiful view early this morning.


Today was very productive. I woke early to drive to the other house to meet the guy delivering the roll-off (3 ton dumpster). It was much smaller than I had anticipated, but it worked. The cost was around $200 which includes taking it to the dump when it’s full. My guess is that I will have two or three additional loads in the near future.


I came back home shortly after as we have a mechanic that was coming to the house to work on the truck and one of the cars. One thing I am greatly blessed with having a Mexican wife is being tapped into an affordable labor force. The mechanic worked for approximately three hours – the fee was $30.00. Unfortunately, my truck’s a/c compressor is dead and needs to be replaced. The dealership sells them for $1200.00, but the mechanic helped us find one for $150.00 elsewhere. Not too bad.


Yun’s parents arrived later and we had some awesome tacos with shrimp, chorizo, bacon, and beef. They are called discada and they were awesome.


I had hired three guys today to come and clean out the rubble in the house. They did a great job and completely filled the dumpster. They also removed most of the non-load bearing framing as well. We also had some framers come out to take a look at some work we will need and for them to begin putting together an estimate.


I am hoping to have the house completely gutted by the end of February, to include the removal of all the ceilings as well. The next steps will likely be:

– concrete to level the floors
– remove existing windows and doors and replace
– framing
– replace electrical
– replace plumbing
– insulation in walls
– dry wall ceiling and walls
– insulate attic

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  1. Matt says:

    We need to tap Yun’s secret labor force next time we need work done on our house. Abacus plumbing was a huge rip off for a couple of leaky showers. The house is looking like it is coming along. I wish I was there to practice my construction skills on your place before I do any work on mine!

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