sonoran root canal and hotdog


As the last blog entry indicates – I was at the dentista just a couple days ago. The tooth I attempted to have fixed has been in excruciating pain since then and last night I wasn’t able to sleep because of the pain. And so, as the pain was mostly unbearable today, I departed work early to again head South across the border in hopes to kill the pain.

To my dismay, I was advised nearly immediately upon my arrival that I was going to likely need a root canal. A few xrays later and it was confirmed. Two hours later I was (mostly) pain free. The smell of drilled teeth was especially memorable and ranks up their with the smell of burnt hair.


In Mexico you are required to do your own injections. Here is a close up of the nasty:


After the procedure I was rewarded with a sweet Sonoran hotdog from a vendor outside the dentist office. It was raining and cold – but SO worth it! Hopefully I am not going to bed tonight with any particularly aggressive stomach parasites.

yum-yum-012110 yumyum2

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  1. Matt says:

    I don’t know what picture is worse…your nasty tooth or that stray cat in a bun! What do you mean “do your own injections?”

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