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      I met with Ben and Luke this morning for our book group to complete our study of Noll’s ‘Scandal of the Evangelical Mind’. Despite the scandal of the author’s attributing a particular chronology of human history to a 19th century sect, the book is an interesting read. We’ve chosen David Well’s ‘Above All Earthly Powers’ as our next work.


I only had a little time for back yard activity today (and with temperatures in the mid-70s); however, I was able to take some soil samples where I intend to plant the gardenias. Saddly I found my ‘soil’ is high in alkaline, so I need to find a way to increase the acidity. I am intending to plant the gardenias near the east wall in the backyard, which I am told is not an ideal place for them (the wall is possibly responsible for the high alkaline).

There are a few ways to lowering the soil’s pH. If your soil needs to be more acidic, sulfur may be used to lower the pH if it is available. To reduce the soil pH by 1.0 point, you can mix in 1.2 oz of ground rock sulfur per square yard if the soil is sandy, or 3.6 oz per square yard for all other soils. I am told the sulfur should be thoroughly mixed into the soil before planting. Sawdust, composted leaves, wood chips, cottonseed meal, leaf mold and especially peat moss, will lower the soil pH apparently.

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    Ryan, you make me laugh a lot with your comments in my blog!

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