dentista, no mas!


Yunuen and I woke early Saturday morning to head to Mexico. It was my final visit to the dentist! Afterward we went out to eat with her parents and then headed back to Tucson. It’s freezing this time of year down there.

We bought some awesome flour tortillas and a few kilos of cheese before crossing back. We bought two types of cheese. The type in the picture below is the best for quesadillas.


We had the opportunity to have dinner at Jeff and Beth’s and then later played some Spades. Naturally Jeff and I destroyed the ladies.


I had little time to work on the house this weekend. I did start to tear down the ceiling in one of the rooms and found the attic to be in terrible shape. The roof has some leaks due to various skylights and duct work, so that will need to be repaired/replaced as well.

Here is a before and during photo of one of the rooms.

from-this to-this

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  1. Matt says:

    Thank you for not including any pictures of your teeth.

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