In mid-April Yun and I finally upgraded our phones to those that would provide unlimited internet access. She chose the HTC Droid Eris and I went with the Motorola Droid. Both phones were impressive – I went with the Motorola for the slightly faster processor and slide-out keyboard. I learned soon that I would have no need for the keyboard given the onscreen option and the text-to-speech transcription which works flawlessly.

Last weekend we exchanged these phones for the HTC Incredible which had been released a few days earlier. We were both excited about the switch because the Incredible is far superior to the Droids and unsurpassed by anything on the market today.


It has a 1GHz processor whereas the Droids were around 500MHz. It destroys Apples leading phone which runs on a measly 600MHz. Similarly the Incredible has by far the best camera you’d find on any phone with 8mp. The Droids were 5mp and the I-Phone has an embarrassing 3mp. The Incredible’s camera also has dual flash, auto-focus, and digital zoom. It takes great photos and videos.


The Incredible comes with the Android operating system. We like it a lot – there are thousands of free apps to easily obtain and we use many of them throughout the day. We listen to Pandora (free music stream) all day long at work and in the car. The GPS has proven invaluable on a few road trips and even locally.

The bar-code scanner app is also impressive – it allows you to scan an item in the store and then it will tell you the price of that item at other stores in town and on the internet. I was at Home Depot last week looking to buy a reel for the hose. They had one for $50 that looked to be best. I scanned it and found Home Depot was the cheapest place to buy it (locally or nationally) and then I clicked on the reviews. There were hundreds of reviews of this item that described it as garbage and the problems found after brief use. Naturally I didn’t buy it and was thrilled I could do my research at the store rather than at home. This app will crush most of my impulsive or non-informed purchases.

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