construction continues amidst the heat


Last weekend was a productive time for working on the house. I spent $500 in wood at Home Depot. We had three pocket doors installed for the master closet, master bath entrance, and master toilet room. Those things are no   small task to install. We had also some more exterior wall framing replaced and three windows removed. Now all original windows have been removed and replaced with new laminated windows. We paid 40% more for the windows to have the laminate installed, but the theory is that the glass is indestructible and are therefore more secure. The glass also comes tinted which is a nice feature for the desert.

Tomorrow I am going to meet with my friend that’s going to do the electrical work. The goal is to have that completed by early July. After electrical comes plumbing. Then HVAC, gas lines, insulation, dry wall, tile, bathrooms, kitchen, and then stucco and painting. We’re still somewhat optimistic that we’ll be done by the end of the year.

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