San Carlos July 2010: Por Segunda Vez este Año


Yunuen, Ashley, Jeff, Beth, and I departed Tucson on July 2nd at 2pm for another trip South to the beaches of Sonora. Sadly, we didn’t arrive until 10.30pm. We had a number of unexpected delays, mostly attributable to the “new” boat we towed down with us.


It started with the 30 minute stop at the gas station in Nogales where we had to fill up, exchange money, and figure out how to mix the gas for the boat, fill up air in the tires, et cetra. The next delay was at customs in Mexico where we had to get visitor permits and a permit for the boat. The permit for the boat turned into an hour and a half nightmare. To compound our delay, the truck doesn’t exactly travel fast when hauling a boat and gear.

Even so, we eventually made it and not without stopping for some sweet tacos in Hermosillo. The remainder of the night was spent relaxing on the beach where time slipped by fast. Before we knew it, the clock read 5am. Needless to say, we didn’t exactly wake early on Saturday morning.


On Saturday we spent a good portion of the day on the beach. It was very relaxing and there were some clouds which gave a nice break from the sun. The water was really warm. Later we took a drive through Guaymas to find lunch, buy some groceries, and to find a mechanic for the boat. We found a mechanic through a marine supply shop. We did our shopping at Ley.


When we returned home we spent a few more hours on the beach and in the water. I hadn’t slept much in weeks, so I was quite pleased to get in an extremely long nap. I woke around 8pm. We then went out to dinner at a nice place in Guaymas. From there we went to a bar at the marina that had a live band. And then later we drove to San Carlos to a club called Voga, which was PACKED. We had a good time dancing until 3am when we returned to Abe’s place. I went to bed immediately, but everyone else headed off to the beach!


The plan was to depart early Monday morning, but we could not get a hold of the mechanic that had taken our boat. After an entire day spent trying to find the guy, a lengthy visit to the police department, and a return trip to the boat shop that recommended the guy, we FINALLY got the boat back. By that time, it was too late to return, so we call called our bosses and stayed another night.

This is a fun trip and we love doing it. Yunuen and I are heading back next weekend with her family for the weekend as it is her mother’s 50th birthday. I am not thrilled with the drive, but I do love that beach. We will not be taking the boat.

Here’s a little video below I put together – also, check out Jeff’s blog for more photos.

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  1. Dana says:

    I love videos! Thanks for making and sharing your sweet trip. Sucks about the boat. The tortilla making at the end was amazing! We can’t wait to join you in San Carlos again someday!

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