San Carlos July 2010: Por Tercero Vez este Año


Yun and I spent last weekend on the beach at her brother’s house in Guaymas. We drove the Passat down on Friday night after work. Not stopping to get permits is a welcomed change as we can actually make it to Abe’s house in 5 hours total travel time. Had we taken the Maxima during daylight, it would have taken 4 hours.

We went to bed far too late on Friday night, but slept in a little on Saturday. It’s never easy to sleep in with Scout’s incessant pacing and less-than-subtle hints that it’s time to get up. Nothing seems to burn off his energy, but we try.


Saturday was Yun’s mom’s 50th b-day. We had a small gathering of friends and family with some good food and plenty of beer. We spent most of our time on the back porch and struggled with the thick humidity.


Abe and Gabriel brought home Taka Taka, a ‘band’ they found at a little bar. They brought their instruments and amps and played on the porch for an hour. It was an interesting experience.


I have some mixed feelings of doing this long journey on a regular weekend. It ‘s hard to return to the regular schedule. At least I get a lot of reading done on the drive.

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