Cauliflower simulated mashed potatoes

We are on day 9 of Phase I of our South Beach Diet. It has been mostly horrible. That is because everything I love to eat is apparently bad and everything I detest is apparently good.

If I understand our diet correctly, we are not supposed to eat carbohydrates. We eat proteins instead. The problem is, proteins only taste good with carbohydrates. Meat without potatoes is just plain gross.

Last week we ate a lot of eggs, nuts, edamame (or soybeans), peas, beans, fish, steak, and various other meats. I have a really difficult time eating eggs without hashbrowns, so I have been hardboiling two eggs for breakfast each morning.

These meals are getting old quick. There are plenty of interesting ideas online for healthy substitutes, but we generally just don’t have enough time or interest to research these things. I was told at work however, about a substitute to mashed potatoes by using cauliflower. As such, that’s what we made to go with our kielabasa at lunch today.

I have mixed feelings about cauliflower substituting as potatoes. I was told I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Well, that certainly isn’t true. I boiled a head of broccoli, then mixed it in a bowl while adding butter and cheese (also which have no carbohydrates). I mixed for about 10 minutes and found the stuff still too lumpy. So I put in the blender, added some milk, and blended away. That did the trick, but now it was far too creamy. I think if I had not added the milk, it would have been fluffier.

I am willing to try this again at another date out of sheer desperation. The goal is to last at least two weeks in phase 1, but if I am able, I’d like to go longer in hopes to burn off some of this fat.

Below are the pictures of my attempts:

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  1. Dana says:

    That’s cauliflower, not broccoli. Southbeach phase 1 does suck but its worth it!

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