no jury duty/rooting the phone/yun’s bday/we moved

It’s been an eventful month. We moved a couple of weeks ago to the North of Tucson. Its an entire different city and one in which we prefer. Moving is mostly miserable. Things are heavy and its a lot of work.

The new home is great. I like: the spare rooms, the fire place, the big garage, my office and all of my books, and a huge piece of land to explore with the dogs and collect firewood for the fireplace.

Our other home is coming along great. The electrical and plumbing should be done in a couple weeks. The stucco should be done next week. Then its on to the insulation, drywall, texturing and painting, the tile, the hvac, hot water heater, recessed lights, kitchen, bathrooms, and doors. These are exciting times for that house. Then we have the other house to get in order so we can sell them both. Then we hope to head back to the auction.

I was finally eliminated from the jury pool last Friday. There was a point near the end where I thought I was going to be chosen. It was a criminal trial where the prosecution was seeking the death penalty. It was a horrible crime.

Last weekend was Yun’s b-day. We spent the weekend with her parents and brothers at our house. We had an awesome carne asada on Satuday and Jeff and Beth joined us. Late in the evening we cut into the cake. It was excelente.

Tonight I was able to finally root my phone. This has been a long process trying to determine how exactly to do this. My carrier is Verizon and they set their phones up to have all sort of bloatware that significantly reduces the phone’s performance. The only way around it is this complicated hack to remove the manufacture’s ROM and install one of my own choosing that removes all of the garbage and allows for other neat functions (like wireless hotspots).

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3 Responses to no jury duty/rooting the phone/yun’s bday/we moved

  1. Matt says:

    That house sounds SWEET! You must be paying a pretty penny for that.

  2. Mary Bigelow says:

    Hi Ryan! Your new house sounds great. Glad you are in a better part of town now.
    I remember Yun’s 30th birthday party with the taco guy and the pinata, the mariachi and the cake… what a great time.
    Beau was on jury duty last week but was thankfully cut from the pool early on (as a middle class white male, he didn’t have much of a chance to begin with). Glad you dodged the bullet as well.

    • admin says:

      HI Mary!
      The 30th party was awesome – we need to find an excuse to do that again. Nice work to Beau getting cut – its quite the time commitment in some instances. Do you guys have a blog??

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