household allegeries

This has been an unusual Spring. A few weeks back we could hardly see the mountains due to the amount of dust and pollen in the air. This has taken its toll on us and the dogs.

I have never had allergies in my life and I’m pretty confident the dogs haven’t either. However, last night we realized the dogs had a problem opening one of their eyes. Not good. We did a bit of online research and concluded it was likely due to allergies. I have a similar problem with my eyes, but not to the same degree.

We have been sniffling and sneezing quite a bit. So we went to Walgreens tonight to buy some Benadryl. Apparently it is not only safe for humans, but a popular allergy remedy for pets. After the Benadryl, we applied some chamomile tea bags to their eyes and gave them an immune supplement Yun purchased earlier.

Ah yes, the wisdom of the Internet.

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