status on the house…

The house is coming along nicely. All of the walls are done as are the bull nose edges. The rounded corners on the walls look so much better than the older style 90 degree edges.

Next week I am having the new air-conditioning system and duct-work installed. It’s a fairly involved job which requires a crane to come out to remove an old furnace and to replace everything. Fortunately, it’s a one day job, so on Wednesday we will have cold air.

I am going to add some better ventilation to the attic. I bought a gable fan (that straps to the gable vent) and a couple of attic fans that will go on the roof. This should significantly reduce the temperature in the attic. Coupled with a brand new a/c unit and and all of the new insulation, we should be pretty energy efficient.

I bought a new thermostat to go with the a/c system as I don’t like the plain unit that comes with the system.

And then finally I bought a few recessed outlets for the living room, office, and master bedroom. With the recessed receptacles, furniture will be able to be flush with the walls as no plugs or coaxial cable will be sticking out.

Tavo was working on the master bathroom last week. We are having him design a vanity that looks like this:

To the left of the vanity is a sliding pocket door for the toilet room and to the right is the elevated bathtub. The mirrors might be a little different than what is seen above. All that remains is the tile.

Here are the sinks I like:

With these faucets coming out of the wall (similar to the photo above):

The walls will be textured and primed next week and then the following week the ceilings will go up. I hope to have all of the ceilings done in a week, along with their texture and priming. Once that is done, we will be ready to level the floors (some of them are pretty unlevel) and then we’ll go ahead and tile the entire house.

Once the tile is done, then we only need to finish some details in the master and guest bathroom, some small things in the master and guestroom closets, and then the final big task will be the kitchen.

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