I like me this.

I have been searching for bathroom things lately as those final stages are upon us. We are doing vessle sinks in both bathrooms. I like the round-style for the guest bathroom. But for the master bathroom, I like the rectangular style as seen above. I find this geometric shape more attractive because there will be two sinks next to each other. Two round might look a little weird next to each other. Rectangular would probably look symmetrical. Studies have shown that humans have an inherent disposition toward symmetry. Studies at Yale have shown this is the case even among newborns. This makes a compelling case toward the rectangular.

My problem at this point is finding an affordable rectangular sink. They aren’t cheap. The one pictured above is priced over $500 each.

It was so very hot today. Something close to 110 degrees. Poor Tavo. He works hard even in this heat. Right now I have him leveling all of the floors in preparation for the tile. He’s making progress.

Floors should be done by Wednesday of next week. Thursday through Saturday will be spent with the many little things. Gable vent fans, electric attic fans, final silicone sealing to ensure no leaks ever, and other such related funness. The following week will be dedicated to installing sheet rock and insulation in the ceiling. We will then be ready for texture and primer for all walls and ceilings in the following week.

It’s suppose to look something like this:

Week of June 27: Complete floor leveling and install attic and gable fans, install gas lines for hot water heater and oven
Week of July 4: Install ceilings and insulation
Week of July 11: Texture and prime all walls and ceiling
Week of July 18: Tile entire house
Week of July 25: Master bathroom; toilet, tub, sinks, mirrors, tile, etc

We’ll see what happens….

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